Why Your Car May Be a Sports Car in Disguise

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Your car may be a distant relative of the latest exotic car on the market.

Yes, that's right. Even if you own a "normal" family car, this surprising little link is still probably true.

The reason is simple – the vast majority of the high-end exotic cars have the latest technology and engineering advances encapsulated in its design. That is why they perform the best, and market positioning aside, it is also why they cost the most.

All that research costs a lot of money, so if you want the newest and the best, you will unduly have to pay through your nose to get it first before anyone else.

However, as time passes, what was the latest technology will soon become commonplace as the other car manufacturers reverse engineer and come up with their own versions of the previously proprietary technology.

And expectedly, these technologies and engineering designs will then slowly but certainly filter down to the less exotic models in the line-up.

Remember anti-lock brakes (ABS), power steering, power windows, or electronic fuel injection? All these were previously the latest technology of their time, and only the best cars had them. Everyone else was looking on in envy, right?

But as you well know, all these same technologies are now run-of-the-mill. Practically every car comes with these as standard equipment. Most people do not even notice these things any more because they are that common.

The same thing happens in the car tuning market. Whenever something innovative comes out, all eyes are on it immediately, and everyone will try to figure out what makes it tick and will make their own version of it.

So before you know it, the best tuning technology will get passed on to the aftermarket companies. That is when car tuning enthusiasts like yourself can get your hands on these upgrade components to make your car perform even faster, handle better or look more attractive.

This may take a year or two, but sometimes you will get lucky and will be able to have these new technologies made available to you in just a few months after the initial release.

That is how fast things move in the car tuning market. And that is why for a lot of car tuning aficionados, it is a never-ending process of tuning and re-tuning their cars.

If that sounds like you, then you can be sure you will never run out of new things to try on your car. You can count on it!

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Source by Danny Keyes

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