Wheel Restoration || How to Repair and Restore Wheel Curb Rash and Rim Scratches

Wheel Resotration || How to Repair and Restore Wheel Curb Rash and Rim Scratches with these easy to follow steps!
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How to repair rims with deep scratches and curb rash with products you can pick up at your local auto parts store. This wheel repair works on your aluminum alloy and steel rims no matter how deep the scratch or how bad the curb rash! Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage
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00:15 Wheel Restoration begins
01:20 Products Used
01:57 Sanding Process By Hand
03:38 Sanding With Dremel
08:10 Filling With Bondo
09:28 Sanding Bondo
10:10 Final Surface Sanding
10:25 Primer
11:46 Paint
12:17 Clearcoat
12:58 Wheel Install
13:44 Before and After
14:00 Next Weeks Video Trailer #stauffergarage
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50 Replies to “Wheel Restoration || How to Repair and Restore Wheel Curb Rash and Rim Scratches”

  1. WATCH TILL THE END to see the trailer for this Saturdays detail! You don't want to miss this one!

    Also… thanks to a generous valet guy for restructuring my rims lol

  2. When fixing curb rash turns into repainting the entire face of the wheel excellent job man, you got some impeccable results there.

  3. if you had folded the sand paper it would of been easier to hold

  4. I wonder why it is that the people that buy these quality cars are the idiots that cant drive them properly.

  5. Wow Bravo maestro , I have same problem, and I did not now hao to repaer, but this is very good tips, thank you, you are profi bravo

  6. If you could only match the color with existing

  7. Why u didn't cover your tire? Dudes buy damn small detaling polisher or polishing tools and put in to drill for job like this. It will take forever with hand sand paper job ;]

  8. What is that thing you used it to repair it ? Someone tell me please.

  9. If your rims look like that, you gotta bring them to @ThePowderTouch . Check him out on IG!

  10. Sooo much work! All day for 1 tire. They looked perfect at the end though!

  11. When you DIY you put alot of love into it and it shows with the outcome


  13. Excelente trabajo!!! Despu矇s de todo eso no aparcas jamas cerca de la acera!!!

  14. Is good to see . but if only spend 2 hours sanding how long going to take for 4 or 5 wheels one day? humm and going to pay the professionals for this job.

  15. Todo eso tiene que liar?
    Coges la radial con un disco de abanico y lo dejas fino, despu矇s lo desengrasas y lo pintas.
    A tomar aire不

  16. When the job is done for one wheel. You happy. Then you see the 3 other….

  17. Not bad for DIY. But I would of cutt 3 steps out to make it go faster

  18. thats a lot of work. i rather pay someone to fix the curb rash

  19. Worth giving a try as curb rash on 4 tires was an estimated 800-1200$. I was thinking of doing this, but concerned about possibly leaving rim unbalanced with bondo. also wifes car has 2 tone paint with high gloss black in between spokes. Will be interesting.

    I just know them curbs come right back at ya later

  20. Exactly what I did with my wheels. I used my wife nail polisher machine.

  21. Absolute joy to watch! Isnt it easier if you remove the tyre from the alloy wheel? Just asking

  22. Holy smokes… I've learned everything about taking care of the aesthetic of my vehicle from you, and this is just gravy. So AMAZING. Is this a personal vehicle or a job for a client? If it's a client, about how much do you charge for this service on a wheel? Great work I'm so so so IMPRESSED, as usual 伐

  23. Ive been planning to do this to my rims too. How long did it take for you to finish 1 rim?

  24. Buy yourself a 1/2" battery powered driver….forget your fourway..

  25. You're gonna want to change those damaged tyres. You're also gonna want to mask the valve before painting

  26. How long do I need to wait after color paint then apply the clear coat?

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