The Truth About Ironman Tires! RB-LT, CHT, AT, And MT Series Comparison

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If you’re looking for decent affordable tires this is the video for you!
These tires obviously don’t compete with each other. They are from the same line. Today I’m telling the truth about Ironman tires. Ironman Tires are a wholly owned off shore subsidiary of Hercules Tires. American Tire Distributors which is the largest tire wholesale distributor in the country owns Hercules Tire. Ironman tires are the most budget friendly tire that American Tire Distributors sells to dealers. I sell a few of these tires when budget is the main concern for a tire purchase. Lots of people run the MT’s because of cost and availability. They usually run 35% cheaper than the name brand tires like BF Goodrich and Goodyear.

For the RB-LT & All Country series comparison, we’ve got the Ironman RB-LT, which is a highway terrain tire. We’ve got the Ironman All Country CHT, which is a commercial terrain tire. Ironman All Country AT, all terrain tire, and Ironman All Country MT, mud terrain tire.

If you’ve got questions or comments about the Ironman line of tires, or you have experience with the tires, drop a comment below and I’ll try to get right back to you.

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – About Ironman Tires
0:31 – The Line-Up
1:02 – Ironman RB-LT
1:35 – Ironman All Country CHT
2:27 – Ironman All Country A/T
3:11 – Ironman All Country M/T
3:59 – User Comments
4:25 – Conclusion

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40 Replies to “The Truth About Ironman Tires! RB-LT, CHT, AT, And MT Series Comparison”

  1. about to do a long trip with the MTs. Noise isnt an issure with me, as long as they last! Wish me luck

  2. I just got a set of Ironman M/T’s for $672 extremely affordable mud tires for a high school guy like me👍

  3. I have the M/t's
    I have been running all 4 since Sept. 2017, started at 22,000 miles on my F150.
    4 years later and mileage is at 115,000 on the F150
    I am sold on the Ironman's.
    I have ordered 4 new ones, to be mounted tomorrow.
    With regular air pressure checks, rotating, and Balancing, these tires will go a long way.

  4. I just got 40k miles out of a set of the All Terrain on my F250. Overall I was pleased with them. I just had a set of the CHT installed since its very rare for me to shift to 4WD

  5. I love my Ironman M/T's, I've got almost 15,000 miles on them with over 70% tread still remaining.

  6. Hey there, I haul a 25' Living Quarters horse trailer with 1 horse about 20,000 miles per year. Would you recommend the AT or The CHT for my 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel pickup? Thanks

  7. What about the ironman a/s performance tires like 245/40/19 or 18

  8. Just bought some 40×15.5×24 MT's. Hope they balance ok

  9. Question on Ironman All Country M/T

    Any experience in the snow?? I live in CO and I'm considering the Ironman MT to change things up a little. Currently on my 2nd set of Kanati trail hog A/T and I'm very happy with them overall. But I'm looking for something new with the specific look of the MTs.

    Now I fully understand I can't expect MTs to do as well as dedicated "winter tires".. or maybe not as well as ATs having said that.. But I also want to make sure they would be safe and confidant in snow/ice etc.


    Looking into the 33X12.50R20 for a Chevy 2500HD

    Driving conditions: 600+ miles a week, unloaded daily driver, mostly highway. Light to medium trails, no hard aggressive off-roading.

  10. If your a dealer you sure aren't helping yourself sell them by the negative words you use ..I have the at and the are great

  11. Hi I have the iron man 35/12.5/22 mt tires on my truck and I knoticed these small arrows on the tops of the outside tread can you tell me what they mean is this type of a tire a directional tire

  12. I bought 4 ironman country A/T back in mid September 2021 just took them off the first week of December 2021 and over half the tread was gone. 11 weeks on my truck and 60% tread gone on about 3k of miles. Paid over $500. I'm 47 and I'm not hot dogging around in my truck either . They are shit tires I will never buy Ironman tires again.

  13. I’ve been through 3 sets of Hercules tires since 1972 all on different trucks. Goodyear, Michelin, BFG and so on thru the years. I’m done paying for the name’s on tires just for a few more miles. I’ll keep the few extra hundred dollars in my pocket. I’ve got Ironman 37×13.5×20’s on my 2015 Super Duty with 45000 on them. I believe when I change them out I’ll buy’m again

  14. Ironman MT's on the 2012 Ram 3500 4×4, CC, LB, DRW – most aggressive on this rig about 18 months ago. Fronts are ready to replace – rears have about 2-3 months left. These are a much softer tire that work exceptionally well in the off roading , how ever you will notice that when towing your dump trailer with full load of rock (10,000lb) , it does move around a lot more than your more standard 10 ply hwy tire–this is what i call it because they tend to move side to side, it was just a matter of time to get use to the more (boat like action ) rolling squishy like ness. I love them,, the tire sounds seem to keep the deer away from the hwys , our dogs know iam on my way home from about 2 miles away and the guys seem to always be working when I roll in to a job site LOL..–and when hunting iam going so slow there is no tire noise anyways…. I have my second set sitting in the barn getting ready to be installed in a week or so . Seen this video and figured i would chime in..
    Really need them in a 255/80R17 though or a 33/10R17 , if you can do somthin for me 🤙

  15. Got a set of these a little over a year ago, and for the most part they've been good (275/65/18 MT's.
    Although I did have one replaced about 6 weeks after purchasing, as it developed a terrible vibration which turned out to be the tread starting to delaminate from the casing. I wasn't really too worried, as the tire shop replaced it free of charge.
    I've always been a skeptical about these generic Chinese tires that are marketed under several different brand names. But for the price they actually seem ok 👍

  16. I got two Iron man tires for the front for my car it was sort of an emergency.
    I just needed tires.
    But when money is right I'm going with a set of four Yokohama's

  17. I think l'm going to go for the
    "Iron Man Country A/T
    Size( 285/70-R-17 ) for my 2013
    F-150 super crew cab.
    Since the truck is only a half ton,
    What ply number would be sensible ?

  18. In early 2021 I put set of the Ironman All County AT tires (Made In Thailand) on my 2009 Chevy 2WD Gov't work truck. This truck is driven 70% on paved roads, some of which are worse than a bad gravel road, 20% on gravel roads and 10% on unimproved surfaces (pastures, old unmaintained logging roads and oil field roads). The tires have just over 10,000 miles on them now and while they have visable wear they still have a lot of tread left. Just guessing but I hope to get 35-40K miles out of them. Because this truck is used about 30% of the time on gravel and unimproved surfaces, I wanted a tire with a deep tread design. I also wanted a tire that might easily clean mud out of the tread. Unfortunately they do a poor job at that. Might as well have on racing slicks when you get into areas with wet gumbo, but then most all tires fail in wet clay mud. Overall I'm pleased with the tires as they ride good, are not noisy and are affordable. Affordable as in Hey These Tires Get The Job Done And Are A Good Bang For The Buck, not I Got A Good Deal But Feel Like I'm Driving On 4 Ticking Time Bombs.

    In fact, I liked the tire enough that I bought a set of the Ironman MTs for my lifted 1990 Bronco. They are perfect for a vehicle like my Bronco since I might only put 3,000 miles on it a year. After all, who wants to spend $300/tire just to have them dry rotted in 5-6 years with 80% of their tread remaining.

  19. Ironman All Country tires (except the M/T) don't have the typical pro rated mileage warranty (which I see as mostly useless anyway unless the tire fails in the first 50% of treadlife), but instead have a 2 year road hazard warranty that will replace the tire at no charge if it is damaged during the first 2 years or 50% of treadlife.

  20. Just happened on the video. Curious your take on * Ironman iMove Gen3 * AS 235/35R19 105V XL (specifically)…?

  21. I have a 2500 Ram mega cab with the Ironman AT's. They are over half the price of other comparable tires. I have 30K on the set now and they have performed just as good as the previous Goodyear tires. I drive between Miami and Lubbock and no issues on the highway. I pull a case 580/M2 with a gooseneck and the tires remain cool with no issues. Would love to run Michelin tires but for the price and quality of the Ironman I could change them 3 times before I break even. So far a good tire and no complaints.

  22. Not to pee on your advice parade but I find it very condescending… IRONMAN CHT is my newest brand of truck tire after road testing MICHELIN, FIRESTONE, KELLEY, etc… my last pair went 119K miles, IRONMAN ONLY FROM HERE ON

  23. I've got 10,000 miles on my all country at's so far on my silverado 2500hd even with pulling a camper, they still look great

  24. i found the traction drops at the half way mark a lot, on wet and snow.but seems to wear even no blow outs.

  25. I thought they were Chinese tires, but I checked my sidewall and it says made in Vietnam. I have them on my Chrysler 300. They run smoothly. Nice to know they're made by Hercules which I know are good tires! 😎

  26. I’m looking at the Ironman MT. $800 vs $1300 for the BFG MT. Are the BFGs worth the extra $500? Try it or trash it with the Ironman?

  27. My friend has the ironman 2657516 ap tire he loves them do they still make them

  28. Man no wonder it's been hard to find ironman tires. I got sold one at the local tire shop and man do I love the aggressive pattern they got going on the RB-SUV . Need to find me some new ones asap

  29. Keep in mind Jeep or Bronco owners wanting the Ironman in 35 inch. They are F load. It will be like driving on concrete.

  30. How do these tires compare to the hankook dynapro all-terrain AT2 or ATM tires in your opinion. I know the hankook are better but are they worth the extra money.

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