Tesla Semi Acceleration

aquí les traigo un video donde explico sobre las características de este camión del futuro, la aceleración velocidad el precio y la carga, este video esta producido por este canal
créditos a este canal-samipro.
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  1. Hello, thank you for supporting this channel, I ask you with all my heart to support me in this channel, there I leave you this video that I hope you like, it is about landscapes and the care of our planet

  2. Freight companies don't give a fuck about acceleration. Infact too much results in damaged Freight and insurance claims

  3. These things are not capable of towing much at all, can anyone show a fully loaded Tesla truck video/photo? As an engineer we need to think about heat and range. That range is exceptionally impressive, honestly almost impossible for anyone other that Musk to produce. However our community has its serious doubts about its towing capabilities

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  5. Quick acceleration, I wonder what the payload looks like after all that

  6. The light turned green and my entire load of beer came through the trailer doors.

  7. It look ugly af bro freight liner and kenworth are better

  8. Acceleration on a OTR truck is the least important thing

  9. Really shit they want to finish with mechanics shop job they want to destroy industry

  10. Fea tu abuelita los camiones viejos son hermosos 😍

  11. Judging by the performace of that truck from 0-60, I'm thinking it could reach 100+mph easily, hopefully they govern it. If a truck this size can go 100 mph or more, it would be catastrophic in a crash.

  12. Musk actually said it can pull 80 tons from 0-60mph for under 20 secs

  13. Many truckers out there im sure would be jealous of a Tesla truck traveling faster then they’re big motors out there. So basically at Tesla rig can walk a 5% grade at 65mph pulling 80,000lbs. When a regular semi trucj pulling same weight can only travel 45mph at 80,000lbs. That’s a huge difference believe or not.

    I got like 22 years driving trucks around this country. I’ve been pretty much all over this country except for Wyoming and Washington.
    I’ve never would known a semi truck can walk a steep 5% grade hill weighing 80,000lbs😆😆🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Back in 2013 I had a 2007 W900 with a C-550 horsepower and that truck will pull some weight but I would have to down shift just to pull up that steep hills at 80,000lbs while running 55mph or so

    But here a Tesla can walk a 5% hill at 80,000lbs at 65mph like nothing.

    I no many ole head truckers out there will not like when a electric truck can out pull them traveling up hills, especially out east and western states.

  15. Truck drivers talk a lot of garbage on them big radios out there so can you imagine what’s being said constantly out there traveling the highways. Yes truckers will get jealous hearted and talk so much garbage Tesla out pulling them out there

    It’s a whole different world in trucking industry out there and people get hateful and jealous🤷🏽‍♂️

  16. This thing must have insane torque numbers, the fact that it spun the tires like that is crazy.

  17. This thing is a rocket on wheels. It sounds like a jet combined with a subway train whenever it accelerates.

  18. 0:39 the way that thing rocketed off with a 40 foot trailer is hilariously insane 😂😂😂.

  19. Imagine unloading 20 obliterated palletized orders that fall out simultaneously at the dock.

  20. Well truckers – it’s the beginning of the end ladies and gentlemen.

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