No more flat trailer tires, oh yeah! I hate them, blown tire, demolished fender, disappearing lights

No more flat trailer tires, oh yeah! I hate them, blown tire, demolished fender, disappearing lights

What’s the #I trailer problem? I installed the solution on trailer #3 and stopped changing blowouts. With Tuson Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor, I know when a tire is leaking, when wheel bearings are seizing or trailer brakes are heating up. Just like new cars and trucks, the sensor goes inside the tire and the Tuson monitor in my truck cab tells me the tire pressure up to 203 PSI and tire temperature so I can see what problems are down the road.
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Slime Tire Inflation and Repair – Spare Tire Alternative – SLM50063 Review –

Slime Tire Inflation and Repair - Spare Tire Alternative - SLM50063 Review -

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Full transcript:
Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Slime truck spare flat tire repair kit. The repair kit’s designed for larger tires. It’s going to feature a powerful Slime Pro Power series inflater which is designed for heavy duty applications. When this unit you can inflate a standard car tire in about 3 minutes and you can repair a standard car tire in about 10 minutes. The kit’s going to come with a 24 oz. bottle of Slime tire sealant, this is TPMS safe. That means that it’s not going to affect your tire pressure monitoring system.

The sealant is designed to seek out and repair punctures up to a quarter of an inch in size. It’s going to use a special blend which is called their Fibro Seal technology. That’s going to feature a non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable design. It’s water soluable which allows it to easily cleaned up with water which makes it very safe for tires and rims and it’s environmentally friendly. The sealant product performance is going to be guaranteed for up to two years. We’re going to have the heay duty 12-volt tire inflater.

On the front side it’s going to feature an Led light for those nighttime emergencies. It’s going to plug into a 12-volt, 15 amp accessory outlet. The power cord’s going to measure about ten feet long. It’s also going to come with an adapter that it can connect to so you can plug it in to this area here and then you can use the alligator clips to connect to the posts on your battery. Directory on top of the compressor we’re going to have a pressure reader. This is going to read pressure and psi, kpa and bar.

PSI it’s going to read a range of zero to 150 psi. It’s got the integrated carrying handle which is a nice feature especially when using that led light. It’s got a nice rugged design. It’s got rubber padded feet which is going to increase the stability during use but the rugged design really adds to the strength and durability of the overall unit. On the air hose, this right here, it’s going to feature a twist tight valve. That means you connect it to your valve and then you twist it on there until it gets tight.

What that does is it provides a nice tight, secure connection and it’s also going to ensure that we have as little air loss between the connection points as possible. It’s also going to include a coil air hose. That’s going to have the twist tight connectors on them and that’s going to measure 16 feet long for extra extension. In this casing right here it’s going to include a lot of little accessories. You’re going to have an air needle for airing up sports equipment, basketball, football, anything like that. You’re also going to get some air adapters. You’re going to get two replacement valve cores. You’re going to get a valve core removal tool. It’s going to come with a pencil tire gauge that’s going to have a four-sided tongue on it, try to pull that out real quick. It’s got a four-sided tongue, so two sides it’s going to read psi from 10 to 120 and then this side’s going to be kpa, this side’s going to be bar. Back to this, it’s also going to come with a replacement fuse and anodized valve caps all enclosed in a nice little storage container. It’s also going to include a nice storage bag. We’re going to open this up because I do want to show you that here on the inside it’s got a little mesh pocket up here that we can store some smaller items. It’s going to come with instructions, it looks like it’s going to come with some slime decals, some stickers. You’re going to have hook and loop straps, that way you can secure everything inside the bag. That keeps it from moving around during transportation. Real quick I’m going to go over the measurements of the bag just to let you know about how much room this is going take up in the vehicle. It’s going to give us an overall length measurement of about 13 inches, from top to bottom it’s going to be about 10 1/2 inches. It also has a nice little carrying handle on there so it can easily be transported. Thickness on the unit’s going to be about 4 3/4 of an inch. Here on the back side it’s going to have reflective safety material that’s going to help increase roadside safety and it’s going to have hook and loop strips here on the back so that way if you have this laid down on the carpet of your vehicle you don’t have to worry about the entire bag shifting around during transportation or while you’re moving, during travel. That’s going to do it for today’s look at the Slime truck spare flat tire repair kit.
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