Pulley Problems: Diagnose Noise Under Your Truck / Car's Hood!

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Learn how to diagnose squealing and chattering noises coming from under the hood of your vehicle! In this video, Len shows you the common causes of squealing and chattering noises from your engine: pulley bearings! He shows you how to check them out, and decide when it’s time to replace one.

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38 Replies to “Pulley Problems: Diagnose Noise Under Your Truck / Car's Hood!”

  1. I wish I was half so enthusiastic about my pulleys. But really though great video. Very educational and to the point. Thanks so much

  2. I have a 08 ford escape. When its cold and i put it in gear, it chatters or clatters. Sounds like its coming from the serpentine belt area. When it warms up slightly, it stops. And ive replaced belt and idler pulley. But it keeps throwing the belt. 5x in 2 months. I just started it, its very cold here, threw the belt and the clattering/chattering is gone….any ideas??? Heres the thing…..when tryig to locate the source of the noise, ot warms up so fast and stops, u dont have time to find it!!!!

  3. You guys make some really great content! I was driving my 06 Corolla XRS in deep snow for a couple days recently, and my splitter foced snow and dirty slush up into the engine bay, fully packing it. The next time I started the motor it squealed like a car with belt slippage. Since it was within arms reach, I grabbed a can of belt conditioner spray and put a little squirt on there… and all hell broke loose! It sounded so bad, like a cacophony of tortured children and elderly souls crying out for me to shut the motor down right away, which I did. I'm about to spray it out with water today, but I was wondering if the bearings are supposed to be sealed or if there's potential that grit and soot got in there and washing it could actually resolve the issue?

  4. I start my truck up and hear the low sqeaking, spray water on the belt it goes away…serp belt?

  5. what about a whinny sound when i acceletrate in a 2002 dodge caravan 3.3
    could that be caused by a pully like the idler or tensener ?

  6. Hey, if I'm not wrong. Are there two tensioners on every car out there? One for the V-belt and one for the Timing belt? Thanks!

  7. I just bought a chevy equinox 2.4 ecotec and when a turn the Ac on the car shacks and get rough idle for a second, what could be the problem?

  8. Guys, my hyundai azera is giving off a whining noise like a supercharger lol, it also produces the noise when its still and not moving as i rev it, and it also makes the whining noise when i accelerate on roads, i changed the idler pulley and still no luck, the noise is still there. Any thoughts on what that noise might exactly be?

  9. If you have a bad tension pulley or idler belt will it throw metal flakes, I have a 2009 pontiac vibe, horrible noise and throws metal flakes I have not moved it and I live 1.9 miles from a garage i need to get it in there i can't afford a tow,what do you think it means with the flakes and moving it , please just a point of view, wont hold anything .

  10. Thanks for the knowledge I feel some of these mechanics try to get over if they sense you have no knowledge of your issue fox run auto in bear de just tried to charge me 2,000 to fix a wobbly pulley smh

  11. Good video. I bought a brand new idler pulley it runs fine but if I press hard and spin it it makes a bit of a noise then stops doesn't carry on spinning but a light pressure spin its fine. Is this alright ???

  12. I've got a 2003 focus and when the car is warmed up I can hear this moaning whale type noise from the passenger side of the car. It's really only audible when I'm in stop and go traffic and when it's nice and hot. When I give it a little gas it starts making the noise for about 4-5 seconds afterwards and doesn't come back until I give it gas again. It's really annoying and I'm curious if you guys have any clue what to look for

  13. Hello! I love that video. Ok I have a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox. And im have some weird noises coming from one of my pulleys. Really not sure which one. Can you give me some advice?

  14. Great video. I knew the issue with my truck was a pulley. A mechanic tried telling me my transfer case was bad. Thanks to your video, I figured it out myself. Bad pulley on my water pump (which explained my over heating issues. I went ahead and put a new water pump and serpentine belt. Problem solved. Thanks.

  15. I am getting a big hum noise in every few MINUTES even Chevrolet authorised center is not able to get the issue. Can you suggest what it can be. It causes vibration in the baack of car too

    Car is chevy spark 2009 with 44k km.

  16. What if you're hearing noise at specific RPMs? I notice a metallic spinning/grind noise only at 2000RPM. Could this also be a pulley/bearing? Or is it a sign of a bigger problem?

  17. I'm a do-it-yourselfer after watching some YouTube clips. This was short sweet and to the point. I can figure out the rest myself.

  18. If I’m able to wiggle the idler pulley just slightly, like as much as the tensioner did when you wiggled it in the video, does that mean I should replace it? I’ll try spinning it next, but I am able to wiggle my idler pulley but it just moves slightly. Plus, whichever pulley it is, I’ll hear a squeaking noise when I accelerate. My old belt broke off yesterday, so I put a new one on today and there’s still a squeak when I start the car and when I accelerate.

  19. Love this channel. Has helped me with past things I wanted to fix. My 2006 dodge durango. Started to squeel as soon as I turn the A/C on and last for a bit before the noise stops. I havnt had time to really look at it. Do you think this is a pully issue or A/C clutch? Also is it necessary to replace the fan if it is the clutch? Thanks

  20. Great video. Your cars are such a frickin mess. How does a pulley get in this condition? Live up north! Great work!

  21. I have a 2009 Impala with a 3.5L V6, various places claim 2 rather then 3 idler pulleys and serpentine belts all with different lengths! Who's right??

  22. MAKE SURE YOU USE HAND PROTECTION.. wears surgical gloves.. smh and Lmao 🤣

  23. I bought brand new belts but the squealing noise hasn’t stopped. Hi pitch squealing noise that is lound upon starting & the faster I go. The less noise it makes

  24. How to tell if the harmonic balancer is going bad …. The bolt is spinning also

  25. My serpentine belt sounds like that "My heart Will go on" song that someone played terribly on a cheap recorder.

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