International DT466E Comeback – Hard / No Start, Low Oil in HPOP Reservoir, Oil & Air Leaks, Welding

The rust bucket plow truck is back in the shop! The truck does not like to start since I worked on it and it’s my fault. So we need to fix it. Plus it’s leaking oil, leaking air, and the plow frame is broken…

I’m trying another new editor (VideoPad), so things may be a little weird. So far I like it.
semi truck air governor replacement

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  2. A small trick too is you can put a shop air fitting onto a valve and screw it into the spring brake side supply air and shut the valve off then if you have to remove it and have no cage bolt you donโ€™t have to mess with the push rod being out

  3. Three cheers for an honest man. Great video too.

  4. All good sorry for the lose of money and time! But you stood by your work and made it right! That put you ahead on the game! And you will be rewarded down the road for you honesty!

  5. Your not the Lone Ranger in forgetting things, especially when you work on a large variety of equipment and vehicles. Iโ€™ve been a mechanic for 47 years, Iโ€™ve made some expensive mistakes. Your not an idiot. Learn an move on and look at this way, your lucky it didnโ€™t spin a bearing because of lack of oil.

  6. Doo doo happens to everyone, having watched you work, i can assure you that you are no idiot. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. How was there no oil leak it's a through bolt right$

  8. If I didn't do all of my own work this is the guy I would want to bring my vehicle to. How many dishonest mechanics would find an excuse for their mistake to avoid accountability. A true mechanic admits their mistake and learns from it.

  9. Great diagnostic thinking on this job, Wes! Youโ€™re a mechanical Sherlock Holmes!

  10. well lesson learned… this is my biggest pet peeve when I take a rig to a shop.. they fuk up the bolts and nuts ALL the time.. Cross threads, left off, etc. I've been handed back bolts and told where they went, just to install them myself… sorry, this I have no sorry for.

  11. Great video – I could write a book on all the mistakes I have made in my business.

  12. A lesser guy would make out the fault was something else that could be charged for but good on you for admitting your mistake, if you were my mechanic I would pay you anyway for just being honest

  13. We all have to pay the stupid tax at some point or another. Don't sweat it too much. At least it was an engine problem and not the brakes.

  14. Honesty proving to be the best policy. I am with you on that one Wes. Rust? On a snow plough? How did that happen ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I throw my plow shoes away..If have to offset where they ride from memory to not catch manhole covers etc..way better off without them

  16. watching this again , we ALL MAKE MISTAKES , everyone does !!!!!! i have made plenty in 35 yrs. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We had a bus with that engine. After going to a "mechanic" for a rebuild, it would only start if you primed the oil system with an external source like a mytivac fluid transfer. He took it apart 3 times, same problem each time. Later we had a newer version of that engine in a tow truck. Biggest pile of junk ever. It had oil pressure related starting problems too among many other issues. A different "mechanic" supposedly dealer trained, burned up our starter cranking it. I used to think International was ok. Not any more. My opinion of 310T technicians is very low now.

  18. There are not many engineers that would own up to a mistake – let alone publish this mistake on YouTube. Great video. You don't know how many people are recognising this mistake as they have done it themselves or in the future remembering this so they don't make the same or similar mistake themselves.. Every day is a school day and this is a great school! Keep on keeping on!

  19. At least you are man enough to admit AND go on camera and admit your mistake. Hey we are only human after all.

  20. Like you said at the beginning brother,we are all human,but you have the integrity to find and admit your mistake.You have made it good and hopefully your customer will bring plenty of future business to make up whatever you lost.God bless!

  21. Those old plowtrucks and salt trucks y'all have up there have to be one of your biggest nightmares to work on.

  22. My 1900 series 466dt was the best motor I ever owned,no problems ever,start in -30c no problem,good oil pressure always,maybe being an older motor less things to go wrong. These newer engines with all the tech crap are a pain.

  23. WE all have done something like that. I can tell you a few from my mechanic days, I never made that same mistake again. Life is a cruel teacher. Good job young man. That snow plow looks like a Meyers brand, I sell snowplows but not Meyers, but I love Meyers plows because I sell so many parts for the POS plows they are, my guess Harbor Freight makes them for Meyers. Without the skid shoes the plow takes to much direct jolt damage and that's what is making the lift frame fail, However with the blade like it is you have a D-9 cat

  24. News flash……we all mess up. I respect the fact that you wanted your viewers to know you aren't perfect either. Well done Wes.

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