How to fit REGULAR TRUCK WHEELS on your trailer

It has always bothered me that most trailers use runs with zero offset, making it impossible to fit more conventional rims on a utility trailer in a pinch. Today I am going to show you how to do it.

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semi trailer tires

31 Replies to “How to fit REGULAR TRUCK WHEELS on your trailer”

  1. May the Jeep Lords cast upon the thy light of justice! Lol

  2. I'm from Jersey, what town or round about are you from? I'm in northern Jersey, Cedar grove.

  3. Love the crow bar trick! That was awesomeness. Your little girl is adorable and your dog is beautiful.

  4. Here in Idaho people use Chevy beds for utility trailers but same idea, use whatever wheels/tires will work, no need for ridiculous expensive wheel/tire setups on a trailer. Funny though the wheels/tires on my utility trailer & car trailer are the same size as the ones on my Jeep and soon to be Bronco 2…going to swap the tires off my Jeep onto the Bronco 2 and get new tires put on the Jeep that are more suitable for winter & all terrain.

    Hey if those wheel spacers solve your wheel/tire problem use them, its not like you are hauling heavy loads in that trailer. They'll do just fine, trailer may not but the wheel spacers will be able to work on another trailer in the future.

  5. OK – Another Jersey Boy here! Morris County! – thanks for all the great ideas and keeping us motivated with our Jeep Projects! Also, the detailed information and tricks are great!

  6. I'm surprised something that old is still around in New England, I thought everything older than 30 years kinda just thanos'd into rust dust.

  7. Some people look for any little thing to criticize about others. Those wheel spacers won't cause any safety problems. They're safer than running the rotting wheels and tires that came with it, and they're a hell of a lot safer than something a lot of other "thrifty" trailer owners do, such as flipping the wheel around.

  8. I did about the same thing as you I have Ford Courier pickup box. I bought it with regular trailer axle 4 lug hubs so instead of getting an adapter I just went ahead and bought brand new 5 by 4 and 1/2 hubs worked out good. I just needed a half inch spacer. Got Jeep Wrangler rims on it now

  9. Put some old TJ tail lights on it and from 20 feet will look like an old Jeep bed…cool video

  10. You know something, every time I watch another one of your videos I feel smarter, is that just me or………………..?

  11. I would put anti seize on the back of the spacers and blue loctite on the studs.

  12. To anyone who says that those hub-centric spacers are not safe… so long as you've installed them correctly and torque the lug nuts properly along with using threadlocker I have yet to run into a situation where they weren't fine. The spacers that tend to be a hazard are the ones that do not bolt on, the primary issue there tends to be not having adequate thread engagement on the lugs. But what would I know I only ran similar spacers with stock wheels and 33 inch tires on my Cherokee for four or five years with zero issues. If they'll hold up on an actual vehicle on the freeway and all other normal driving situations for that long, they are more than adequate for a light-duty trailer.

  13. Is there anyway to contact you in a more direct way? I am looking for an inexpensive XJ 4×4 and want your opinion of what to stay away from and look for.

  14. Because my mind Rambles off in the odd places not going to lie my 4.7 Burns about a quart I got a little drunk working on it the other day and took a sledgehammer to the air box because I had to get 5 stitches in my hand doing some spark plugs don't ask just try taking the air cleaner off it have nothing I want to make sure I'm not delusional cuz it's a good possibility that thing sounds so much damn better also I live in Colorado so high altitude may be getting extra air is a good thing I don't know

  15. You mentioned the fact that the YouTube experts were going to complain about your spacers on your trailer but what makes them think that spacers are safe on vehicles I've seen Vehicles get into accidents and the direct cause of it with spacers on the wheels

  16. Hey Doug! On a 'diff' matter! After havin the wrong oil put in front diff by my mechanic and then 500 miles after jeep sold me transfer box oil for the diff! Now have 75×140 with additive, still not good! The noise I can hear while turning, what is it? Ps my mechanic, can't recall putting correct oil in transfer and rear diff? May have got bottles mixed up! What would happen if he has? Really need help!

  17. NEVER be anachronistic. Whatever it means, it's the WORST! 🙂

  18. that looks like a old drop axel and thats worth a few hunderd

  19. I've got a 92 "camp" trailer, about that size, but I'm wanting to do something similar, but run the same tire and rim size as my 05 wrangler

  20. Yeah, for light weights and no speeds over around 45 mph. It does put the weight out so far it wears bearings fast. And someone will do this put a lot of weight is going to break studs, blow bearings or bend an axle. Although off roaders and even what is it NHRA and different stuff do, do this, but they have offsets, and axles Suspensions etc set up for it.

  21. That's a 1935-37 Ford truck bed. You could probably sell it by itself and get enough to buy a new storebought trailer.

  22. Can't belive no one commented on the spacers NOT being hub centric!

  23. I want to put spacers on my tow dolly. It's got trailer tires on it now. I've got toyota Corolla tires that are pcd 5×100. I've never done this before, please advise that spacers I can use that would adapt to corolla wheels.

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