Engine fan stays on. Troubleshoot, diagnose engine fan on a semi truck. Fix an engine fan.

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In this video I will show you some easy ways to diagnose, an engine fan that won’t shut off on a semi truck. There are some simple things that you can check before deciding to take it in to a shop for repair.
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  1. I had cruise control issue i have freightliner columbia Detroit 07 when iam parked my cruise control is working but when I drive I don't have any cruise control set what would you think the issue is

  2. 09' 389 fan stays on. ECM and CECU parameters are good. I installed a fan kill switch but need the fan on otherwise a/c doesn't cool at idle.. Other than a wire problem somewhere that I haven't found, do you have a suggestion.?

  3. Good video and narration. I subscribed your channel only because of the way you requested at the start of this video.

  4. Hey Adam, I just wanted to thank you for this video my van was staying on I troubleshoot it it just like you showed and it’s looking like it’s the high pressure switch for the AC when I turn off the AC the fan turns off the switch inside! Anyway thank you I appreciate the video keep making them!!!

  5. Just purchased a Columbia with this very problem. I will be checking all of the suggestions and really appreciate the in depth tutorial. Definitely subscribed

  6. Hello can u please give me any idea i have issue on fan stays on i have replace the solenoid and and wen i replaced the high pressure sensor on the ac line it fixed the issue fan start working normal and after a week again have the same issue should i change the ac sensor again im confused 😒 HELP PLZ

  7. Good in-depth tutorial! I'm having an issue with my own engine fan at the moment. I'll be using this to try to diagnose and see if I can't find the issue. Got sub out of me.

  8. Could a bad clutch makes my enngine lose power?
    When my ac on I hear the fan kick in hard and engine start shaking and lose power!

  9. The clutch was stuck in my case too !! I smacked it with a hammer after changing solenoid and ac high pressure switch, and bam it released and rolled freely after I blew out with air hose was real dirty gravel lot also ! Thanks for video saved my butt !!

  10. What would cause a squeaky sound when rpms get higher around 1400 I’ve noticed it’s only when my fan is on

  11. My fan override switch not getting any power I circuit tested it and doesn’t light up. And my lo pressure switch is only reading 9 volts. I replaced all switches

  12. My fan doesn’t shut off when I unplugged the solenoid it just goes faster so I’m just baffled at this point any info would help thanks

  13. Love you video I learn a lot from your videos you are awesome especially when I open up my own authority I follow your step-by-step thank you

  14. I got a question I'm only getting 10.1 V at the supply line at the solenoid could that be the issue and what would cause only 10.1 V

  15. Very helpful thank you very much.

  16. Thank you for making this video. I just fixed my problem by following your advice.

  17. Hey DIY SEMI, I have a 2009 Columbia and I have a problem with it. The heater, the wipers, the mirror heaters and the radio stopped working all at once. You have any idea what the problem could be or what should I check? Thank you..

  18. Awesome video. Just this morning I noticed my fan was louder than usual so I realized it was stuck in the on position. After watching your video my diagnostic was a corroded broken wire at the solenoid. Thank you for your helpful video.

  19. Thanks you just saved me a trip to the shop. Subscribed!

  20. My fan is always running when I drive down the freeway, and my ac stopped working, and the mil light is on. I hope it’s just the high pressure switch. Great video

  21. Those are only 2 or 3 reasons, but there are many other reasons which have not been mentioned… such as temp sensor thinking engine is hot will cause fan to stay running and other issues too.. video was ok but need to explain main common reasons.

  22. I've got a 2021 kenworth t680 with a cummins x15. The fan stays running while I'm driving. When sitting I can get it to turn off, but as soon as I start driving it'll come on, the engine fan light comes on for a couple minutes then goes off but the fan keeps running. Can't figure this out. Any idea what would cause this? No air leaks. It'll shut off and on while sitting.

  23. Hello Adam thank you so much for the video I have 2016 freightliner cascades had an issue with the A/C took it to 3 shops already nothing is fixed Dan clutch stays on and it had a high pressure switch code replaced it but still the fan clutch is on could you see if you can shade some light on this issue for me . Thanks

  24. For AC high pressure switch take paper clip and short terminals iif fan stops buy a new switch

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