Winter Tire Review: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, simply the best for a truck! – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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CarQuestion Winter Tire Review: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 , want an all season tire that performs above average? Check out that review!!!

BfGoodrich has done it again with the new version of the long known Bf Goodrich All-Terrain T/a K02! The best feature for this model: The Snowflake symbol!!!

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28 Replies to “Winter Tire Review: BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, simply the best for a truck! – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. went from fire blown assassin  to these tires on my 1999 silverado 2500 4wd. after 11 years they finally started leaking due to cracking(any tire would) on the 2nd set now. had this kind of tire on a fj40 before that. tires work great. I some times wonder if the fuel mileage would be better with something else but 12 average for a 6l with a camper on is not bad.

  2. Here's my take. We live around 8,500ft in CO with daily driving on steep mountain roads as well as off-road while aired down over sharp rocks.

    We have BFG KO2's on our 100 series Land Cruiser. I also have studded snow tires on a spare set of wheels that I run for the winter. The KO2's are not bad (relative to a studded tire) in the snow AS LONG as it is light and powdery, i.e. low moisture content. Heavy late spring dumps? Like any other AT tire, not all that great as those deep treads pack with wet snow and can't clear it, even if you gun it and spin the tires like you would to clear an MT of mud.

    But I don't have a problem with that as the KO2 is a FANTASTIC tire off-road (aired down on a 6,500lb Land Cruiser) for the mostly dry, rocky Rockies and really good on road.

    Live in an area that doesn't get much snow? KO2's will be fine. Live somewhere flat and get a lot of snow like Michigan? KO2'S would probably be fine.

    But when compared to a studded snow tire, it's just not even close, but was never intended to be so set expectations accordingly: it's simply a matter of compromise.

    That being said, most folks complaining about highway mileage would be much better suited with a highway tire like the LTX as you've missed the point of the KO2: good traction and 3 ply sidewalls for protection off-road when aired down along with good on road performance for a great off road tire.

    Again, tires are all about compromise so get the right tool for the job.

    Real winter driving:
    – studded snows: 10 out of 10
    – KO2's: 6 out of 10
    – KM2: 4 out of 10
    – Michelin LTX: 7 out of 10

    Mostly highway driving:
    – Michelin LTX: 10 out of 10
    – KO2: 6 out of 10
    – KM2: 4 out of 10
    – Studded snow: 6 out of 10

    Real off-road aired down to 12psi:
    – KO2: 8 out of 10
    – KM2: 10 out of 10
    – LTX: 2 out of 10
    – studded snow (E rated): 5 out of 10

    Off-road with a lot of mud aired down:
    – KM2: 10 out of 10
    – KO2: 5 out of 10
    – LTX: 2 out of 10

    Looking cool/posing/light off-road:
    – ANY less expensive AT or MT

  3. I had these tires on my 2008 Hummer H3 which I mainly use for off-roading Nevada deserts. These tires are very goo and run quiet on pavement. Only grip I have is that they wear out too fast. I got about 18000 miles on them before I had to replace them with off-road Cooper tires with a more aggressive tread.

  4. I was going to buy a set for winter 2017, but starting in 2017 the web is filled with extremely negative comments of blowouts and wearing out at 20 -30K miles. Many people saying they are returning to Duratracs. Haven't tried those but my  wore out Silent Armours were better in snow than the brand new Adventures.

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