Why I use Studded Winter/ Snow Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com

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In this video we go over why I prefer to use studded winter tires in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, even though we don’t get that much snow.

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16 Replies to “Why I use Studded Winter/ Snow Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com”

  1. I just have to comment… Tire shown with studs is GT Radial. It´s a cheap copy of Nokian hakka 5. I´m not sure if the rubber compound is the same as the original. I´ve tried that tire and I dumped it. Yes, I didn´t drive it more than one season. I´m not sure, but I suppose the latest generation of Nokian is 9 at the moment.I´m driving on gen 7 and pay attetion to this: You should have minimum tread depth 5 mm and all studs left as well. Further winter tires are good only 2-4 years after manufacture, because the rubber will get hard and not so good on slippery roads. Well, I use all the power I can get out of my Volvo in all weathers and keeping on track. Okay, I´m driving only 35 thousand kilometers on southern Finlands roads, so why do I use studs at all. Well, the answer is I´ts slipery from time to time:)

  2. Living in New England where we get Nor'easter blizzards every year, I use studded tires all the time on my rear wheel drive Grand Marquis. I do take the tires off as soon as possible around March 21- April 1st because the studs do wear down fast on dry pavement. Never get stuck with a studded snow tire.

  3. Personally I'm in Calgary so we have a freeze thaw cycle with Chinooks. Personally I'm trying to find a set of winter tires that are studded that can actually afford…

  4. You make valid points (for me, anyway).  I purchased my vehicle last December and looked for a "winter set" of tires/rims.  They were almost impossible to find because studs aren't as popular as they once were and the timing was at the end of the buying season for winter tires.  The winters here (southern Ohio) are not that severe, but I have spun out in the 4WD work truck I drove.  So its worth it to me if it's just once or twice a year – if it saves my life.   I think it would be a must if living in Canada (aren't there some provinces that require studs?)   If buying winter tires, people should consider spending a few dollars more and get studded.   I did luck out and found a set that were actually highly rated by Consumer Reports and some online forums.  They are the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8, which are directional as yours are, plus that design allows for 50% more studs.  Worth looking into if you are in the market again (there are now Hakkapelitta 9's – not sure of the changes, but I'm very happy with my 8's)  Thanks for the links and stay safe.

  5. Studded tires are a must need here in Edmonton during the winter months, it gets warm snow melts then get cold the following night then the morning you hear of all the people crashing on the way to work. Studded tires FTW!

  6. I have a 2004 Silverado z71, I run 33 inch mud tires all year round, winter and summer..I can tell you, mud tires aren't that great in the winter…maybe it's time for me to invest in some winter tires for the Kelowna winters.

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