Whose Telephone Number is This? Quick and Easy Ways to Lookup Mobile and Landline Numbers

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Whose cell phone number is this?" Wanting to identify unknown callers is something major of us would like to do if we are getting calls and SMS from people we do not know. Husbands and wives who are suspecting their spouse is having an affair may find themselves not getting any answer when they see an unfamiliar number in the phone bill and ask, "Whose telephone number is this?"

Indeed, there is more than one reason why we want to lookup mobile and landline numbers, and more often than not, our reasons are valid and justified. For landlines, you can actually just use public directories because most registered subscribers are listed there. But, if it happens to be an unlisted number then it will take more than just a visit to Yellow Pages to get the information you need.

Five Methods to Choose From

Method 1: You can show the number to friends and family members to see if they recognize it. They can simply dial it from their phone to see if it matches with any name from their phonebook.

Method 2: Find out the carrier and then call their customer service hotline to get the information. This is not easy and most likely you will not get anything from them but if your reasons are valid and if you are good at convicting people then you just might succeed.

Method 3: Research online for free. You can use the "Search" option from directories, search engines, classified ads, and social network sites by looking up the number to see if there is anything you can get that will lead you to discover which cell phone number is this.

Method 4: Hire a local investigator. If you are willing to spend lots of money to lookup mobile and landline numbers, you can do that but just be prepared to pay an hourly fee for it. You can get results fast but this is an expensive option.

Method 5: Use paid reverse phone lookup. You can do your own detective work using reverse lookup directories, which will give you the information you are looking for to identify the unknown caller. Reverse phone lookup will cost less than $ 20 on average, and will provide details on the name, home and work address, employment records, and even information about their family. You can access all these details quick and easy using this method.

Finding a Reverse Lookup Provider

For whatever reason you need to lookup a number, it would be a wise decision to find out everything you can about the company first. You want to make sure you do not end up with a fraudulent site that will only rip you off or even worse, use your personal details for their illegal activities.

How will you be able to distinguish a good provider from a bad one? A good provider offers you a guarantee. One example is giving you a full refund if do not get the information you want. Moreover, a good provider will give you an initial report first, which will often give you the location of the caller. If you think this is correct, then you can proceed to pay and view the full report.

Make sure you transact only with a trustworthy provider so that you will be successful in your quest to find out who is calling you.

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Source by Jay Solomon