What You Don’t Do In Front Of A Semi Truck! – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com

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What You Don’t Do In Front Of A Semi Truck!

Dumb Driver cuts off Big Rig multiple times
Jacob Lince

Fire truck makes U-Turn in Front of Semi.
Mawell Cruz

Stupid car hangs a U-Turn right in front of a semi

Truck accident
Darren Strange

Car does a sudden u-turn in front of a semi trailer. This is very dangerous!
John Cartwright


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46 Replies to “What You Don’t Do In Front Of A Semi Truck! – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com”

  1. No 2 was the truck drivers fault. His lights were on and you saw him from a ways away so the truck driver had to stop! Idk what no 3 was and no 4 with the accident ALWAYS GO RIGHT!!! If the truck driver would've swerved right instead of left that accident could've been completely avoided

  2. I'm curious. Why do people try to cut in front of an idiot driver instead of the rear? Commonsense says the moron vehicle will try to speed up. Cut behind! Might not avoid an accident but you could avoid a head on collision with on coming vehicles.

  3. Just for the record, I don't need the frame-by-frame when everybody's already going that slow… and NOBODY needs the frame-by-frame to continue for fifteen seconds after everybody stops moving!

  4. Occasionally at stop signs I look left and right and left, and will miss someone on my right and see them as I pull out but once I do see them I tramp the gas to not get hit, it’s not worth injury for my stupid fault, i try avoiding accidents as much as possible, I robbed someone once who didn’t yield and cut into my lane, but it happened near a Whole Foods grocery store so everything was covered on my part because I did nothing wrong

  5. My thoughts. Rule one ☝ always have a dash cam in your car. Rule two if there is a semi within a football field length of you or see one coming. Give them plenty of room. Pulling off to side works to.

  6. My grandfather drove a semi truck for over 20 years and I was there for a lot of it. I have nothing but respect for truckers and I've seen them, especially my grandpa deal wrecks and careless drivers and I know how frustrating it can get for them.

  7. I hope the first guy died a slow miserable death. and please don't comment on my comment. I mean this sincerely and your opinion of how I feel has less than 0 affect on me. soooo…… STFU!

  8. It is hard to believe that people are so petty, stupid, & self-consumed even when you have it on camera but a FIRETRUCK?????? WOW ! Now I have seen everything! What an asshole!

  9. The trucker that t-boned the car near the end… What's best? Dodge left? Dodge right? No Dodge? Or Dodge at the very last second? (If you were a car too not just a big truck)

  10. Gotta love these tractors with their videos cams. Hopefully the trucker in the oncoming truck had a video going to. Double whammy for that blue Honda aka scrap metal

  11. The first guy with the white van would have had the cops called on him after the third attempt of blocking me. I would have continued to play his little game while on the phone to the police and stayed on the phone until they got there.

  12. all these accidents are down to one thing and one thing only. people being to bussy doing a million and one things while driving to be bothered about driving safely. stupid actions fed by lack of understanding what a big rig is and does. combined with a sorry state of looking around them in actual traffic. some are reading papers for the upcomming meeting … playing with their radios … doing make up while driving … drinking coffee and eating breakfast lunch and god only knows what else.

    Point being. people have no idea how much more driving skills a semi ask of a driver, then their regular car. and are way to bussy with everything in their own little world to be bothered by a tiny thing like other people on the road.

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