Try This Powerful Thrusting Technique During Intercourse

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In many cases, when a man and woman have sex, the accepted way of intercourse is by simply thrusting in and out, no matter what sex position is utilized. Through this motion, the man is generally able to achieve an orgasm and ejaculate, while the woman more often than not, feels discomfort or pain and without any orgasm at all, thus leaving both parties feeling frustrated and disappointed at the end of every session.

The reason why this occurs is because of the monotonous, ineffective in-and-out thrusting. In addition, many men have been led to believe that the deeper they go and the faster they thrust, the better off their partner is. The truth is that by simply thrusting in and out, you will find that your penis is by-passing some of the most sensitive areas of your partner’s vagina, and in many cases, you are doing nothing more than causing discomfort and pain to your woman every time the tip of your penis hits against her cervix wall without any type of control.

Today, we will be sharing with you one extremely powerful thrusting technique you can try with your partner tonight. This technique is not only effective at increasing the level of pleasurable sensations for both your woman and yourself, but it also has other stunning benefits that can help both a man and woman to achieve a very fulfilling lovemaking session.

The Next Time you Make Love to Her, Try the Following Technique

Once both of you are turned on, and your partner is sufficiently lubricated, and you are about to penetrate her, do not insert your penis all the way inside.

Instead, insert just a little more than the head of your penis only. When you begin to thrust, keep your strokes very shallow. In other words, your penis should not move more than an inch in either direction when you are thrusting. In addition, you should keep these movements slow and deliberate. The idea is to ensure that your penis is at all times remaining near the entrance of your partner’s vaginal canal while you are thrusting.

This will be extremely arousing for your partner. That is because the area around the entrance of the vaginal canal is the most pleasurably sensitive for your partner. Think about it, both the clitoris and g-spot are situated near and at the entrance of a woman’s vaginal canal.

Here are Some Extra Benefits you can Both Gain from this Thrusting Technique

It allows the both of you more time to truly enjoy the intercourse session as you are forced to slow down and appreciate the sensations you are feeling.

It allows you to use your hands easily to stimulate other areas of your woman’s body with more dexterity, such as stimulating her clitoris, or using your fingers to stimulate her nipples and breasts without having to lose balance. This of course also depends largely on the sex position you are using.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a great way to last longer. Because you are forced to slow down and not thrust too deeply or too vigorously, it becomes easier for you to learn and understand your sensations and climax thresholds in terms of when you feel you might need to ejaculate. This is because you are minimizing the amount of muscles that are being used in your body during thrusting, thus avoiding higher sensations of arousal that can occur through vigorous and deep thrusting.

If you have a larger than average penis, you can also benefit from this technique. That is because you are forced to slow down when thrusting, thus having more control when going for deeper thrusts, which in turn prevents you from accidentally hitting too hard against your partner’s cervix wall.

If on the other hand you feel you have a smaller than average penis, this is an excellent technique that allows you to focus less on worrying about size and more on actually stimulating the areas that matters most for many women.

For your partner, this technique is a great way to initiate intercourse because it helps her to relax and to become aroused so that she can gradually become ready for deep thrusting.

You Can Also Add Some Variations to your Strokes

For example, after a few short strokes, you can then go ahead and give one deep thrust, or two, or three, depending on the mood. You can also add variation in terms of how you angle your member. Now and then, you could stimulate your partner’s g-spot by pushing the tip of your penis against the upper wall of your partner’s vaginal canal.

Keep in Mind that Not All Sex Positions are Perfect for this Type of Thrusting Technique

One of the best positions to accomplish this technique effectively is by having your partner lie on her back at the edge of the bed while you stand or kneel on the floor at the side of the bed. The idea is to find a position that allows you to move slowly, shallowly, and to be able to do all of this without losing balance or feeling like you are flexing every muscle in your body. This is especially important if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. You need to make sure that the posture of your body is in a completely relaxed state.

It also depends on what you want to do during the time you are thrusting. For example, if you are looking for space between yourself and your partner so that you can freely use your hands to stimulate other areas of her body, then you would want a sex position that does not have you lying right on top of your partner, such as the missionary position. Instead, you could modify the missionary position so that you are sitting upright and kneeling on the bed. To make things more comfortable for your partner, you could place a pillow underneath her butt.

By introducing effective techniques like the one mentioned above when having intercourse, you will be ensuring that both your partner and yourself will be experiencing a more satisfying lovemaking session every time.

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Source by Susan Johnsson