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I 5 Truck Trailer- 116 Wilson Drive, Kalama, Cowlitz County, Wa phone: 360-673-3300
My fully equipped mobile emergency road service repair truck is available for all highway Big Rig trailer repairs, tire repair, jump starts, belts, hoses, and many other services. We are ready to come to you 24/6 Monday–Saturday midnight. Also includes: Air Brakes – air valves, air cans, air hoses, air fittings, diaphragms, brake shoes, brake adjustments, etc. Wheel Seals – bearing and hub replacement, Electrical – lights, alternators and jump starts, Welding – minor frame cracks, Roof Leaks – bucket truck available for high out of reach repairs, good for dry load demand situations on trailers, Tire Repair – flat tires, shredded tires, Hoses – radiator, air, hydraulic, Fuel Delivery- to get you on the road again.
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