Torque: It’s the Law – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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This video is a TIA/Michelin Tire North America collaberation stressing the importance of properly torquing truck tire wheels. This will go through two of our ESCO Torque tools; which include the Torque Master I and the Torque Master II. Some of the advantages of using Torque Tools include:

• Its The Law OSHA Regulations
Require Accurate Torquing of Wheels
• Helps Prevent Wheel Offs
• Minimize Wheel Damage and Reduce
Damage not Covered by Warranty
• Increases Safety for Employees,
Operators and the Public at Large
• Minimize Stud Damage
• Better Tire Wear and Improved Fuel
• May Reduce Insurance Rates

WARNING: This is not a demonstration video, this is for Educational use only.


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20 Replies to “Torque: It’s the Law – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. Blah blah blah. Who uses a moto wheel 8 hole for a torque video? 475 foot pounds is just a standard OEM torque. On a 33 millimeter nut. Which is shown. 1 blip of a normal gun and you're at 500. Now that you've gone to 500. 475 is no longer the mark. Also tightening with a gun at 400 then letting the vehicle down off the Jack and then torquing to 500 which is standard industry. Is unacceptable. Leave the vehicle in the air and torque to 500 foot pounds. In the air. By hand.

  2. I hate to inform customers, but most of ya'll have terrible studs and lugs but your cheap ass will just bitch if we told you that its time to replace them, "why do i need to replace all my studs" because of their shit condition, but they don't want to hear that. so most american cars are technically unsafe. lol

  3. I watched a man change a rear wheel on a 96-passenger crown school bus while on a field trip to Death Valley. He tightened the nuts by standing on the end of a 5-foot cheater pipe with all his weight. Then he bounced on it for good measure. I was dumbfounded. But he was the biggest guy there so I was ignored. That was 40-years ago and I still think about it sometimes.

  4. I've seen ruined hubs and wheels from improperly tightening of lug nuts but never in a decade of working in the field have I personally seen a wheel off.  You'll crack an aluminum wheel long before you break a steel stud on the hub.

  5. I can't say about other places, but it is here. A good quick place to check would be in the vehicle inspection regulations manual of your state (this is probably on the internet in pdf form) under the wheels section. I've never heard of a cop breaking out a torque wrench and checking your lug-nuts before, but you're almost certainly liable for damages if a wheel comes off your vehicle.

  6. I'll probably never know how much I over torque the wheel fasteners. With older and newer impact guns as well as the state of the fasteners (rusty threads) it's impossible to judge how many impacts gets right into the range of 450-500ft/lbs. More infuriating is because of someone else's negligence at another shop (so many wheel offs in a short time period) all of us are punished with this time consuming policy of 2 techs and driver sign off as witness to
    manual torquing.

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