Top 5 Trailer Repair Warning Signs

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Inspection Sticker Ready To Expire

This is one of the easiest things you can do is just check the expiry date on your safety inspection sticker. These are on every trailer licensed for the public roads. Commercial trailers in America must be reinserted every year. Trailer repairs seem to go up near the expiry date of these Winnipeg trailer inspection stickers.

Audible Air Leaks

This would apply air assisted and full air brake systems on trailers. Don’t ignore air leaks and you will help reduce a major trailer repair mobile expense. It is much cheaper to fix air brakes in a shop than the side of a highway. You don’t need to lose your brakes either.

Tire Defects

Condition of your tires is an immediate hint into how well a trailer is being repaired. Watch for bulges, leaks, and hit your tires with a tire hammer or stick every few hours of driving to make sure they are not flat or low on trailer tire air.

Breaks Not Working Well

One very common trailer repair are brakes, many people over use trailer brakes especially in commercial vehicles with the trailer brake handle. If your trailer brakes have an auto adjust system make sure they are working or you can have out of service brakes which put more stress on your Winnipeg truck brakes. Brake drums flying off while repair goes beyond regular trailer repair into the realm of criminal negligence so watch for that.

Lights Not Working Or Flickering

Having an electrical short in your trailer can cause flickering lights and eventually complete failure of part of or all of your trailer lights. Many times it can be the wire harness on commercial semi trailers having a loose connection but get these problems fixed before they cost you an out of service or an accident.

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Source by Darren Chabluk