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On-Car Tire Truing (also called “tire shaving”

Off or On The Car Tire Truing services are available from Sunshine Service. When out-of-round tires cause driving problems, they can be corrected without buying new tires. The process requires a lathe-type machine that is designed to incrementally shave rubber off of tires that eliminates flat spots and “out-of-roundness”, in order to render the tire perfectly round. Tire Truing insures that your ride will be as smooth as possible, reducing unnecessary vibration and road noise associated with out-of-round tires. This will also extend the life of the tire, shocks, upper and lower control arm bushings, tire rod and idler arm bushings; all things that are otherwise rattled by the excessive vibrations associated with tires that are not perfectly round.

Another reason for tire truing is to match a replaced tire to your old tires. At times a tire is damaged beyond repair, and rather than purchasing four new tires for an all wheel drive vehicle that must have four-matching tires with the same outside tire diameter, customers can purchase a new tire, which can be shaved to match the other tire diameters at a significant savings.

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10 Replies to “Tire Truing and/or Tire Shaving – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com”

  1. I have a set of Brand new Bridgestone Duelers that are out of Round, have had them re-balanced twice with little help, would be nice to have a shop that cuts high ridge off of tires….

  2. Is it possible to use this to do one new tire so you don't have to replace all 4 tires for a  AWD?  Tire shave a new tire down to the same tread wear as the other 3 used tires if one is unrepairable.


  3. When I had my winter tires mounted recently for the second winter season I noticed that my car vibrates somewhat at around 90 km/h and it sort of smooths out beyond that. Is it the fact that I'm having the tire removed and put back on the same rim twice a year the reason? Could I have damaged the belts or anything?

  4. That's exactly what I'm looking for!  I have a very rare size of 185/60/13 tires that are nearly impossible to find in Canada – and guess what, they aren't round – from new!  My suspension is quite stiff (Fiat X1/9) and that translates into a vibration that is not pleasant..  Problem is, no one knows what tire shaving is in Toronto, ON Canada..  I'm also impressed that you're doing it on what appears to be used tires – as I thought most shops only did new tires only.  Very impressive service you guys provide! Thanks for sharing!

  5. In answer to your question, yes, it is only spinning. It flexes the belts and rubber to replicate driving, to get any flat spots out that may have been caused by sitting. This helps to make sure we don't shave something that doesn't need it. Sometimes tires are only temporarily out or round due to storage with the weight of the vehicle on it, and just needs to be driven a while, or spun on a machine like this to get it round again. Keep in mind, if tires are too old, they may be bad.

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