The Easy Stacker

The Easy Stacker is a technological advancement in the logistical handling of commercial truck tires and is available for purchase now by any commercial or wholesale tire operation in North America exclusively from Marangoni Tread N.A.
“We are proud to be the exclusive commercial distributor for North America. The Easy Stacker tool reduces cost and improves efficiencies both are key to keeping a competitive edge.” Said Don Rizzi

The Easy Stacker fits forklifts with a minimum load capacity of 4,000 #’s and can be set up with a quick change option for greater versatility. It saves time, reduces man power needs, as well as improves safety and decreases the likelihood of tire damage.

The Easy Stacker streamlines tire stacking, and in one motion moves tires from vertical to horizontal, allowing for increased productivity, reducing loading/unloading time, provides for more efficient tire manipulation in the warehouse, and overall decreasing the total costs associated with all phases of tire handling.

Contact: Don Rizzi — – 888-266-2551 or cell 412-298-0745
Marangoni Tread North America Inc.
708 Myatt Drive
Madison, TN 37115

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