Locate Truck Repair Shops Nearby with Breakdown Inc Mobile App

Locate Truck Repair Shops Nearby with Breakdown Inc Mobile App

Breakdown Inc is a revolutionary truck breakdown application to provide accurate information of truck repair shops located within the shortest routes possible.

Breakdown Inc lists truck repair service providers including trailer repair shops, weigh stations, locksmiths, truck parts, reefer repair shops, insurance companies, towing/wrecker services and much more.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 for any help in finding emergency roadside assistance. Our network is expanding every minute so that we can provide you with the breakdown service providers in every city, state, and region across the USA.

Find Truck Repair Shops Nearby on our Breakdown Inc mobile app.

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Chevy & GMC Truck Rust Repair/Metal Work – Floor, Kick Panel & Rocker Panel, Inner & Outer

Chevy & GMC Truck Rust Repair/Metal Work - Floor, Kick Panel & Rocker Panel, Inner & Outer

What can we say, Dave Welch is a master at this stuff. This time, he shows us the nuts & bolts of repairing rusty floors and rockers with new sheetmetal. This is a deep dive from assessing the damage and replacement patch panel options, to cutting the metal off step-by-step and getting it all back together correctly. Like we said, Dave is a classic truck Specialist and he’s got plenty of tricks for nearly every project on your classic Chevrolet or GMC Pickup! Find Dave’s videos and more for your classic truck at www.brotherstrucks.com
Parts used:
Floor Pans & Supports:
Rocker Panels:
Kick Panel Patch:
Patch Panel Clamps:

Connect with us:
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1972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock Grumpy's Toy Bill Jenkins NHRA 1/25 Scale Model Kit Build Review MPC877

1972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock Grumpy's Toy Bill Jenkins NHRA 1/25 Scale Model Kit Build Review MPC877

#NHRA #Vega #Grumpy #Scalemodel #Review #Unboxing #New #Jenkins #Build #Decals

Get this on preorder today!

Retooled Authentic Body Parts
Expanded Decal Options
Lettered Drag Slicks
Vintage Box Art
Small Block Chevy 350 Engine
Dual Quads
Solid Wheels
Racing Headers
Bucket Seat
Pro-Stock Hood Scoop
Roll Cage
Pro-Stock Gutted Interior

William Tyler Jenkins (December 22, 1930 – March 29, 2012), nicknamed “Grumpy” or “The Grump”, was an engine builder and drag racer.[1] Between 1965 and 1975, he won a total of thirteen NHRA events.[2][clarification needed] Most of these wins were won with a four-speed manual transmission. In 1972 he recorded 250 straight passes without missing a shift.[2]He was formally trained as a mechanical engineer at Cornell University, and he used his training and skills to build engines.[3] He has been inducted in numerous motorsports halls of fame for his engine building skills in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Stock class. His innovations include drag racing’s first kickout oil pans, Pro Stock strut-style front suspension, and dry sump oiling system, and cool cans, electric water pump fan, gas port pistons, and slick-shift manual transmissions.[3] Considered the “Father of Pro Stock”, Jenkins-built engines were used to win five NHRA Pro Stock championships and three American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) championships.[4]He was nicknamed “Grumpy” for having a no-nonsense attitude at races.[2] The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America said: “his continual search for improved performance left little time for idle chatter with his racing colleagues.”He became known in national circles as the engine builder for Dave Strickler in the early 1960s. Jenkins teamed with Strickler to win Little Eliminator at the 1963 Nationals with an A/FX 427 Chevy.[7] He drove hemi-powered Dodges in 1964 and 1965 after Chevy left drag racing early in the 1963 season. In 1964, Jenkins and Strickler travelled to England, as part of the U.S. Drag Racing team, to take part in the First International Drag Festival, a series of six events held that fall.He won the A/MP (A/Modified Production) class in a 1965 Plymouth gasser at the 1965 NHRA Nationals at Indianapolis Raceway Park, with a pass of 11.11 seconds at 130.24 mph (209.60 km/h).[8] He would also win S/SA at the 1965 Winternaionals in a hemi-powered Plymouth named Black Arrow.[9] His winning pass in the final round was an 11.39 second e.t., overcoming Dick Housey’s 11.37 with a holeshot[9]Jenkins couldn’t agree on terms with Chrysler for 1966, so he decided to run a Chevy independently by making his own Chevy engine package.[3] Without factory support, Jenkins developed his first Grumpy’s Toy, a 327 cubic inch / 350 horsepower Chevy II. When he found the compact car was to be placed in the same class as the 426 ci/425 horsepower hemi Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars, he commented it “looked like a pretty good gimmick at the time”.[3] The lower displacement engine in the smaller car, hence lighter minimum weight, enabled it to outrun the larger-engined but heavier cars. He set a class record[clarification needed] with an 11.66 second pass.[3] He was added to Chevrolet’s team in 1967. He became known as the premiere normally aspirated drag race engine builder after his Super Stock victory at the 1967 Nationals.[2] He entered Pro Stock when NHRA started it in 1970, and won the first two events of the year (the Winternationals and Gatornationals) in a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro,[2] ultimately taking the national title.Jenkins went winless in 1971. NHRA changed the 1972 rules to allow drivers with a small block wedge engine to run a lighter car. Jenkins used a small block-based 331 cu in (5.4 l) in a Chevrolet Vega fitted in the class’ first tube chassis,[2] which debuted at the 1972 Winternationals. He had a subpar 9.90 second pass in the untested Vega, qualifying 17th of the 32 entries at the season-opening event. After tuning the chassis, the car clocked low-9.6 second passes on race day and Jenkins won the event.[3] Jenkins used the car to win five of the first eight events of the season (some of them regionals) and six of eight Nationals.[3][3] Jenkins earned a total of $250,000 that year, including event and manufacturer support.In 1973, following an NHRA rule change to allow records to be set at any national meet, Jenkins drove his Vega to Pro Stock’s first official record, a 148.76 mph (239.41 km/h) pass, at the Winternationals; “Dyno Don” Nicholson set the e.t. record with a 9.33.[11]Jenkins built a Vega in 1974 (dubbed Grumpy’s Toy XI) that had several firsts which impacted future drag racing cars, including the first dry sump oiling system and a MacPherson strut front suspension.[3] This car would give him thirteen wins in Pro Stock that year.
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Roasting YOUR Trucks!

Roasting YOUR Trucks!

Add your truck to our gallery:

Back with another ROAST SESSION! Today Fuller and Rainey sit down to review and roast some of YOUR trucks that you sent in!

#customoffsets #truck #roast
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2013 International Durastar 4300 Altec DC47T Digger Derrick

2013 International Durastar 4300 Altec DC47T Digger Derrick

Equipment Specifications
Altec DC47T Digger Derrick
25,085 LB Lifting Capacity
46′ Sheave Height
Rear Riding Console
2 Speed Digger
15′ Utility Bed
18″ Auger Bit
Pole Grabs
Front Mounted Winch
4 Hydraulic Outriggers
Tested & Certified

Truck Specifications
2013 International Durastar 4300
MaxxForce DT @ 245HP
Allison Automatic
Air Brakes
33,000 GVWR
13K Front
20K Rear
137 PTO Hours
2,469 Total Truck Hours
Odomter Reading 33,088 Miles

Stock #5091

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As we continue to be on lockdown, we consider all of the folks that are stuck inside their homes. Through video, we want to share some of our space with you. We are fortunate to have a small piece of property where I film these shows.. so my hope is that these films help give you a little bit of Spring time fun. It’s in the air. Although it’s pretty brisk, but not too cold to for a rip in the mud with a magnificent truck! I have been building this truck on YouTube (here is a playlist: This PROJECT “OVERKiLL” 2020 has been transforming as I start to understand what this truck wants to be. Powerful, Large, and RAW. These three words sum it up nicely. I did have one rod end snap in todays video.. but I had already ordered some aluminum ones from Yeah Racing. I quickly installed it and was back in the mud in no time. Wasn’t worth mentioning.. except in the video description as a footnote.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on Mudding with an RC Truck?! Is it something you do often.. or is it something you would like to do?! I know mud scares some folks – as it should. RC trucks are not inexpensive, but if built properly can be waterproofed, strengthened and built for purpose.

Mine is always a work in progress!

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Semi Truck Burns To The Ground! Needs A Pick Me Up! BBQ Time

Semi Truck Burns To The Ground! Needs A Pick Me Up! BBQ Time

In today’s video Trent Jr in the rotator responds to WB i10 E/O Indio California for a CHP callout on a fully burned tractor and empty trailer. Upon arrival, it is determined that the best course of action is to call 2 trailers out and load the tractor and front half of the trailer onto one of our trailers and then load the remaining trailer onto our other trailer. After this is all complete we use our skip loader to clean the burnt debris. Enjoy!

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– – – – Frequently Asked Questions – – – –
Q:What camera do you use?
A: I use the Go Pro Hero 7 Black Edition primarily. Often times you will see auxillary cameras in use. Those cameras include The Go Pro Hero 6, Hero, and DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

Q: How big Is your rotator?
A: It is a 50 ton Miller Industries Vulcan 950

Q: Does the carriage slide back like Ron Pratt’s?
A: No, the carriage doesn’t slide back due to strict weight laws in California. The sliding carriage will make the truck to heavy in CA

Q: Why do you only have 3 winches on the rotator?
A: Comes down to weight again as stated above

Q: How many trucks Does Plaza Towing have?
A: Currently more than 30

Q: Why must the driveshaft be removed to tow a vehicle?
A: When vehicles are not running the transmission is not receiving circulating lubricant. If the driveshaft is left installed, the transmission, which is not receiving lubricant, is still spinning. This allows it to get very hot which eventually will cause major damage to the transmission. Therefore, removing the driveshaft completely eliminates the transmission from spinning. Simply leaving it in neutral is not sufficient since the transmission still spins in neutral.
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