American Force Wheels, Installation Video Black Ford f350 with Classic 22 5 and adapters

American Force Wheels, Installation Video Black Ford f350 with Classic 22 5  and adapters


American Force Wheels, Inc. is an American company located in Miami, Florida. Our wheels are made in America. Our aftermarket custom forged 6061 aluminum alloy wheels are made to your specifications. Our company website is located at Please visit us to see our entire selection of wheels for your pickup truck, SUV, HumVee or Jeep. Whether you’re looking for a super single wheel or a dually wheel, we have you covered. Some of our clients pickup trucks never leave the road and are kept in pristine condition and some other clients pickup trucks or jeeps are used largely off road and in the mud. Either way, forged 6061 aluminum wheels and rims are the strongest wheels on, or off, road. So, visit our site and see which of our wheels and rims are best for your pickup truck, SUV, HumVee or Jeep.

Pickup Truck Brands:

Our aftermarket custom forged aluminum wheels come in a variety of sizes; 19.5 in, 20 in, 22 in, 22.5 in, 24 in, 26 in. We are brand agnostic and make wheels for every major automaker trucks: Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, HumVee, GMC, Honda, Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota. Diesel or regular, single or dually, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Because every one of our wheels is custom configured, you don’t have to worry about your pickup truck, SUV or jeep wheel configuration. Whether it’s a super single (
5 lug (
6 lug (
8 lug (
dually direct bolt on (
dually with an adapter (
or super single with an adapter (
our custom wheel configuration will ensure a precise fit.


if you’ve ever been to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, you’ll know that our wheels are the most popular for designers, mechanics, shops and garages that specialize in aftermarket custom trucks.

Your Ride:

Whether you have one ride, or multiple rides, we can accommodate your vehicles. Customizing your truck is a very personal process and it lets the world know you take great care and pride in your truck. If you prefer to use spacers, or direct bolt on, we’ll be happy to satisfy your wheel and rim needs.


Some of our clients prefer to purchase wheels and tires together. We have wheel and tire packages that can provide you a discount, and ensure a perfect fit every time. Some of our clients prefer the most well regarded tire brands: Sumitomo tires, Nitto tires, Toyo tires, Pirelli tires, Interco tires, Falken tires, and General tires.
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Mack Trucks Fuel System

Mack Trucks Fuel System

Fuel costs can account for 25% of total cost of operation. Worn fuel injectors can reduce fuel economy an average of 3%. Mack Genuine Fuel Filters protect valuable components like your fuel pump and injectors. Learn the importance of proper fuel system preventative maintenance in this video.

Please watch: “Building America – TransPremier LLC expands I-4 Highway”

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AM General M923 Air Dryer Maintenance

AM General M923 Air Dryer Maintenance

Changing out the air dryer cartage on a M923 military truck. In this I also put in a new air blow-down control valve.

I originally looked into this to help with a long whistling dryer blow down. It seemed like it had no effect but some youtube friends told me to give it some time before opening the dryer to work on the internal valving. 200 miles later and they were right. All of a sudden the whistling and long blow just stops and pops normally again. Guess it just took some time to work its way out of the system. Thanks guys, I was not looking forward to pulling that thing apart.
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STOP TIRE DRY ROT : : Military, RV & Commercial, Wipe it New(TM) w Renew Protect since 2007

STOP TIRE DRY ROT  : :   Military, RV & Commercial, Wipe it New(TM) w Renew Protect since 2007

Renew Protect : : the state of the art copolymer protectants since 2007.
Renew Protect offers a easy wipe on solution to the big problem of sun damage. Renew Protect not only fully restores surfaces it actually ‘feeds’ rubber, plastic, and vinyl by replacing the very elements your items are made of.
We recommend once a year on bumpers, motorcycles, patio furniture, etc… and every 6 months for tires.
You will save cash by extending life and use of this items by 100%+ and restoring faded bumpers as well as stopping dry rot on tires.
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CUMMINS 37" Military Tires

CUMMINS 37" Military Tires

At last we have the video of how to fit 37″ military tire on the 3rd gen dodge cummins! For the rear wheels a total of 2 1/4 spacing is needed to fit these tires correctly! As for the front about 3 – 3 1/4 inch spacing is needed for the front to clear the brake calipers. MAKE SURE WHEN USING A SPACER YOU USE THE CORRECT LUG NUT!!!! Another alternative is to get the wheels re centered to the new backspacing.


If you have comments or questions let me know!!!


Project Cummins Merch:


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Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair – Michigan Tire Services

Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair - Michigan Tire Services

T & T Mobile Repair services trucks, trailers, RVs, heavy equipment, construction vehicles and more throughout Michigan! We also offer truck and trailer repairs, rims, inspections and more.

To find out how T & T Mobile Repair can help keep your truck running strong, visit or call us today at (866) 930-9037.

24/7 FAST Expert Service – (866) 930-9037.

Serving Michigan with only the best, expert service for over 25 yrs
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Loading Used Truck Tyres Tires @ Apeldoorn Holland – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

Loading Used Truck Tyres Tires @ Apeldoorn Holland

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Check out US Trailer Rental


Loading Used Truck Tyres in trailers and containers for our clients.
We put as much as possible in.

We also have a lot of Used Passanger tyres and a lot of
different Stocklots.

Visit our website: and

Shipping we do world wide.
Wilmersdorf 4 – 6
7327 AC Apeldoorn

The Netherlands

Tel 0031 6 547 86 423 Andy
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