Bangalore to Mumbai in Scania Sleeper Bus National Travels – LAMHE

Bangalore to Mumbai in Scania Sleeper Bus National Travels - LAMHE

Bangalore to Mumbai in Scania Sleeper Bus Nationa Travels LAMHE ft Asus ZenFone 6 (6Z) | Rishabh Chatterjee

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Battery Truck #4 In Service! | VLOG 009

Battery Truck #4 In Service! | VLOG 009

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4 Years Later, I FINALLY FIXED IT! Scania 8×8 Recovery Tow Truck Comes Back to Life | RC ADVENTURES

4 Years Later, I FINALLY FIXED IT! Scania 8x8 Recovery Tow Truck Comes Back to Life | RC ADVENTURES

I have finally learned enough! Year after Year, I tried to fix this truck. But to no avail. Today, it comes to life in all of its original, intended glory! This is a great day for me, as everything has finally come together after a long, and arduous journey. This is my Scania R620 Tow Truck. I have done many videos about this truck over the years.. but a lot of them have been discussing a problem that I was finally able to solve today. I am elated!

The issue was my hydraulic pump was causing a “battle switch” (from dimension engineering), to cut in and out for apparently no reason. As you can see from this video this truck is certainly one of the most complicated electric issues I could face in this crazy mess of wires.

Since then, I have torn this truck down a few times in hopes of understanding how the entire truck works.. and now, I defiantly get it! I have been wanting to repair this truck specifically for another show we produce on our second channel. The show is called “Loading Wars”.. and its an RC Game Show that we created that uses semi trucks, forklifts, and a myriad of other warehouse machines. Its basically Everything you were taught at work NOT to do, we DO in miniature! hah .. here is a link:

You will see MORE of this truck in upcoming episodes ! Thank you for checking out my “micro mechanics” video.. haha!

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