UNITE U231A Semi-automatic Tilt Back Tower Motorcycle & Automotive Tire Changer

UNITE U231A Semi-automatic Tilt Back Tower Motorcycle & Automotive Tire Changer

U-231 is a slightly stripped-down version that still performs rapid tire changes. Commonly found in general repair shops that see a wide range of tires, such as racing and light truck tires.

Product Code: U-231 Semi-automatic tilt back tower
Semi-Automatic tilt back tire changer with dual assist arm for tires with a rim from 12″ to 26″ (max. wheel diameter 1143 mm./45″, max. wheel width 406mm./16″). Suggested for low-mid volume tire-shops, garages and repair shops.


1. Large 26” turntable.

2. Four angle directional tyre pressing shovel

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Please watch: “Car Lift Installing Scissor Lift -Unite U-C45 Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift with Rolling Jacks”

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Diesel Power Truck Center

Diesel Power Truck Center




(828) 552-5522

2348 Smokey Park Highway, Candler, NC 28715, USA
(I-40, Exit 37).

Services & Amenities Offered:

Mobile Repair Service
Tire Shop
Mobile Tire Service
Heavy Duty Towing
Truck Repair Shop
Trailer Repair
DPF Filter Clean / Replace
Vehicle Inspections – Truck
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Transmission & Drive Line
Trailer Rental or Leasing
Tarp Sales & Repair
Trailer Refrigeration Repair
Radiator & Cooling
Preventative Maintenance
Part Supplier
Mobile Fueling
Lock Out Service
Glass Repair
Frame, Alignment & Suspension
Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
Bus Repairs
Body Work
Air Conditioning
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Junk-Yard Kubota Diesel Resurrection!!!!!

Junk-Yard Kubota Diesel Resurrection!!!!!

I drug this MOTOREC industrial cart home from the junk yard in the hopes that I can salvage the diesel engine along with some other goodies to use on my drag behind roller! ended up having to cut the motor out with a torch and go through the injector pump to get it freed up! subscribe and keep watching my channel to see this motor in future videos!

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Heavy-duty truck tire inflation tips – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com

Heavy-duty truck tire inflation tips

Check out US Trailer Rental


Check out US Trailer Rental


Heavy-loads and high speeds, combined with underinflated tires can make for an on-road catastrophe. The excessive heat being generated by an underinflated tire due to the increased flexing of the tire sidewalls in combination with the longer footprint leads to rubber compounds failing.

Air pressure is based on the worst-case load the tire will see in the real world. The tire companies all publish load/inflation tables that identify the proper tire pressure for a given load depending if the tire is being run as a single or dual.

When it comes to proper pressure–steer tires have the best tire pressure of all wheel positions, according to industry surveys, which is good because low steer tires are a serious safety issue. Drive tires are next in the inflation pecking order, with outside duals typically have better pressures compared to the inside duals
Trailer tires always have the poorest inflation pressure for several reasons. Maintenance may not see a trailer for weeks, months or even a year.

Driver education regarding accuracy of tire pressure gauges should be mandatory training. So-called Tire thumpers may reveal a tire within 5 or 10 PSI, but it is nearly impossible to distinguish between a tire with 70, 80, 90, 100 or 110 PSI. The stick pressure gauge is the most common tire pressure gauge. The issue with stick gauges is their accuracy. Regardless of manufacturer, stick gauges are only accurate to plus-or-minus (+/-) 3 PSI brand new out of the box.

Using a brand new pressure gauge may reveal a tire with actual 100 PSI to be 97 PSI, and the same tire with a second gauge may give an answer of 103 PSI. Dropping a gauge a few times on the hard concrete surface can change the accuracy very quickly to +/- 5 PSI.

Pressure gauges need to be checked for accuracy using a master gauge or air gauge certified station. If it is not accurate, the best solution is to throw it away. There are some stick gauges on the market, which have a setscrew on the bottom of the gauge which allows it to be calibrated.


Check out US Trailer Rental


Reset Tool Shop Testimonial and Review | Metro Truck Repair

Reset Tool Shop Testimonial and Review | Metro Truck Repair

Reset Tools:

Metro Truck Repair: 5965 WALL ST, STERLING HEIGHTS, MI 48312. Phone: 1.855.850.5022

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