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Cut Super Single Truck Tires!

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Wheels & Tires! What Good Would A Model Be Without Them? How Diecast Cars & Trucks Are Made – Part 3

Wheels & Tires! What Good Would A Model Be Without Them? How Diecast Cars & Trucks Are Made – Part 3

Wheels & Tires! What Good Would A Model Be Without Them How Diecast Cars And Trucks Are Made – Part 3
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In this video series we talked about the process used to make one diecast metal car or truck.

Part one ended with the painting process.

In Part two we talked about making plastic parts using a plastic injection machine. We also talked about the Vacuum Metalizing Process.

In Part three of this video series we are going to talk about making wheels and tires.

Let’s begin our discussion on how wheels and tires are made. In mass productions the wheels and tires are molded on a plastic injection machine.

Mass produced model cars and trucks have their wheels and tires as part of the plastic cast. Most of the inexpensive diecast cars and trucks use this kind of tire and wheel combination. Plastic tires are standard on Hot Wheels models. Also Ertl Trucks of the World series trucks used plastic wheels and tires. The mold has the wheel and tire carved into the mold. Therefore, the wheel and tire come out of the mold as one cast. This is the least expensive way to make a wheel and tire for a diecast model vehicle. It is cost effective because it removes one step in the assembly process.

Other more expensive cars and trucks require a separate wheel and tire. Most common are plastic wheels and rubber tires.

To make plastic wheels the molten plastic is injection into a multi cavity mold. If the wheels need to be painted, they are sent to the air brush department.

If chrome or gold plating is required the wheels are put through the Vacuum Metalizing Process. If you will remember from my last video the Vacuum Metalizing Process is a process where metal is heated in a vacuum chamber and then vaporized, The vaporized metal is plated on the lacquered wheels. And presto! The wheels are chrome or gold plated.

The tires are made much like the wheels in a plastic injection machine. The tire mold has many cavities thereby allowing several tires to be made at one time.

A rubber like material is injected into the mold. When the tires are cured they are ejected from the mold and dropped into a bin. If nothing further is to be done to the tire they are sent to storage or assembly.

However, if a name is required on the tire, they are sent to the pad printing department where each tire receives its name.

Just think what a run of 1,000 18 wheel tractor trailer requires. 5,000 axles, 18,000 wheels and 18,000 tires not counting spare wheels and tires. Each wheel and tire assembly have to be assembled by hand or with the aid of a machine.

Its little wonder the inexpensive cars and trucks have their wheels and tires cast as one part. This method saves time and time is money.

A word for the hobbyist who wants to restore a model that has lost a wheel and tire. Individual wheels can be resin cast by making a silicone mold of the wheel and casting it out of resin. The tire can be made the same way by making a silicone mold of an existing tire and casting the tire out of a urethane rubber liquid.


We have covered the machines needed to make one diecast car or truck. They ranged from a CNC mold cutting machine, plastic injection machine, pad printer, and vacuum chamber to plate our wheels. To name a few. We’re slowly getting the idea that many people and skills are involved in creating one model car or truck. Let’s not forget the huge sum of money the machines cost, and let’s not forget the cost of the molds. Steel molds costs anywhere from several thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Machines cost tens of thousands of dollars into the millions of dollars. In a later video we will take up the cost of building a model car or truck.

In our next video we will explore the subject of how window glass, head lights, taillights, marker lights, and light bars are created and colored.

Toy Talk is hosted by Logan Skeele Founder of Advantage Diecast, LLC

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💬 Why is good grounding important? | TECHNICALLY SPEAKING

💬 Why is good grounding important? | TECHNICALLY SPEAKING

#grounding #wiring #haltech #haltechTECH
Today we are going to get our nerd on and look at the theory of electronic circuits and explain how to figure out the optimal grounding solution for any wiring application.
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Fixing a Skid Steer Tire with Starting Fluid and a Torch!! + all about my STEEL TRACKS

Fixing a Skid Steer Tire with Starting Fluid and a Torch!! + all about my STEEL TRACKS

The old school way of setting a bead on a stubborn tire!

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How to save big money on truck tires, and other things you need for the truck

How to save big money on truck tires, and other things you need for the truck

#tires #savemoney #truckersb2b
Expenses are rising as fast as our incomes are falling. We need to keep looking for new ways to save money on everything. In this video I will share with you a good resource for doing just that. It will save you money on everything from tires to cell phone plans to tolls. And the best part is it’s all free. Check out
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Aero Conestoga Features Overview

Aero Conestoga Features Overview

This video breaks down the details of the Aero Industries Conestoga. If you are looking for a flatbed with versatility, check out the features of the Conestoga. If you have any questions reach out to us at Pinnacle Trailers! We will be happy to help you get set up with a new Conestoga for your new or used flatbed trailer!

At Pinnacle Trailers, we know over-the-road transportation equipment. We sell, finance, lease, rent, service and provide parts for a variety of makes and models of new and pre-owned trailers. We are an authorized sales and service dealer for: East Manufacturing Trailers, Innovative Trailers, Timpte Hopper Bottom Trailers, CPS/Manac Trailers, McLendon Log and Low Boy Trailers, Big John Log Trailers, Talbert Trailers, Landoll Trailers and Kalyn Seibert Trailers. We have the knowledge and ability to assist you with any aspect of your trailer needs.
If you need a part for your over-the-road trailer, we either have it in stock or can get one in a day. We stock parts for all the trailer models we sell, as well as most all over-the-road trailers. We are one of the largest parts and service centers in the southeast and stock over 100,000 parts for a number of types of trailers, and most other parts available within a day.
Not only do we service what we sell, including Hydraulic repairs, we also service & repair most over-the-road trailers. Our Service Team has the experience and tools needed to get your trailer get back on the road with quick, reliable service and same day service available on some jobs. We work on chip, log, van, dump and walking floor (live floor) trailers; box trucks and dump truck bodies.
Our services include: Major Body Repairs and Wrecks (We Work with All Insurance Adjusters), Tarp System Repair and Parts – Aluminum/Steel/Welding – Suspension Repair and Parts – Brake Work – Liner Sales and Installations – Live/Walking Floors Installations, Repairs and Parts – Door Repair and Parts – Side Panel-5thWheel – Floor Repair – Trailer Alignments – Federal Inspections.

One thing is for certain and that is that Pinnacle Trailer Sales will continue to assist our
customers in any way possible. Please keep our services in mind.
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HIDDEN KILLER. Overland Big Truck Tyre Safety. RV Tire, Van life, Camper

HIDDEN KILLER. Overland Big Truck Tyre Safety. RV Tire, Van life, Camper

Overlanding travel safety advice and tips. Big tyres and the dangers.
There is a huge danger that most people are totally unaware off. Truck tyres contain a huge volume of air stored at high pressure. Typically 100-120 PSI
A rapid decompression is effectively like a small bomb / explosion.
Hopefully you will learn some safety advice and tips in this video to keep you and your family safe.
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Dallas Fort Worth Commercial Truck Body Shop – Semi Trucks, Box Trucks, RVs, Motohomes and more

Dallas Fort Worth Commercial Truck Body Shop - Semi Trucks, Box Trucks, RVs, Motohomes and more

Dallas Fort Worth Semi-Truck / Box Truck Body Shop & Collision Repair

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Semi-Truck Body Shop
We understand being on the road leaves plenty of chances for dents and dings in your semi-truck. IP Truck will work to get these fixed and get you back on the road.

Box Truck Body Shop
Repairing boxes is our specialty! We do it all: corner caps, radiuses, roll-up doors, bumpers, liftgate repair, panel replacement, and roof replacement.

Services including:
• Collision Repair
• Box Truck Repairs
• 50ft Paint Booth
• Roll-up Door Repair
• Custom Fabrication
• Wheelbase modifications
• Lifegate repairs
• Box Installations
• Fiberglass repairs
• Liftgate installations
• Chassis Painting
• Door Alignments

RV & Motorhome Body Shop
IP Truck wants to be your preferred body shop for RV repairs, Motorhomes, Tour Buses and more. We understand the time on the road can take a toll on your vehicle. Give us a call to learn more.

We service trucks including:
• Semi-Truck
• Box Trucks
• Tractors
• 18 Wheelers
• Buses
• Fire Trucks
• Tour buses
• Diesel Pusher Coaches
• Mixers
• Sleeper
• RVs & Motor Homes
• Motorcoach
• Dump Trucks
• Municipal Trucks

Brands we service including:
• Isuzu
• Freightliner
• International
• Kenworth
• Peterbuilt
• Mack
• Volvo
• Morgan
• Supreme
• Many More…
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