Driver Runs After Runaway Semi Truck || ViralHog

Driver Runs After Runaway Semi Truck || ViralHog

Occurred on August 17, 2019 / Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

“The driver was fixing the truck when it lost control, causing an accident. No one was injured.”

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UNITE U236A Semi-automatic Tilt Back Tower Motorcycle & Automotive Tire Changer

UNITE U236A Semi-automatic Tilt Back Tower Motorcycle & Automotive Tire Changer

U-236A is a slightly stripped-down version that still performs rapid tire changes. Commonly found in general repair shops that see a wide range of tires, such as racing and light truck tires.

Product Code: U-236 Semi-automatic tilt back tower
Semi-Automatic tilt back tire changer with dual assist arm for tires with a rim from 12″ to 26″ (max. wheel diameter 1143 mm./45″, max. wheel width 406mm./16″). One dual assist arm helps while mounting/demounting tire. Suggested for low-mid volume tire-shops, garages and repair shops.


1. 036 help arm: The right side help arm provides 2 points pressing assistance enables easy operation for low profile tires.

2. Large 26” turntable.

3. Four angles directional tire pressing shovel

See and purchase this changer at

Please watch: “Car Lift Installing Scissor Lift -Unite U-C45 Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift with Rolling Jacks”

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Michelin Introduce Puncture Proof Airless Tire

Michelin Introduce Puncture Proof Airless Tire

Michelin Introduce Puncture Proof Airless Tire

Michelin’s new Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System (Uptis) does away with one of the defining aspects of tires as we’ve known them for more than 100 years: the air inside. Unlike past attempts at airless tires, Uptis functions the way other modern tires do and, Michelin claims, will provide a similar driving experience.

Unveiled at the company’s sustainable-mobility-focused Movin’On Summit in Montreal today, Uptis is a tire without a traditional sidewall that carries its load by the top thanks to a new resin-embedded fiberglass material that Michelin was granted over 50 patents for.
“The idea was to develop a technology that was strong enough to carry the load but light enough to replace the air,” Cyrille Roget, technical and scientific communication director for the Michelin Group, told Car and Driver. “If you have a load on the tire and you cut all the spokes at the bottom, you will see that nothing will change, demonstrating that the load is carried by the top of it, not by the under parts.” Other airless tires, he said, often carry the load at the bottom of the tire, which is very inefficient and causes extra heating due to compression.

Uptis is not Michelin’s first airless concept tire. It builds on the Vision concept that was introduced at the 2017 summit meeting. That concept had four main components: it was airless, connected, could be 3D printed (or have a rechargeable tread pattern), and was 100 percent sustainable. Uptis tackles the first of those problems as part of what Roget called a “step by step” process to the tire of the future.
Michelin will test Uptis in the real world with General Motors. GM will outfit a fleet of its Chevrolet Bolt EV hatchbacks with the concept tires for road tests in Michigan later this year. Both companies said Uptis-style tires could be found on production passenger vehicles as early as 2024.

“We’re focusing initially on electric vehicles because we think it fits very well with the zero-zero-zero vision,” said Steven Kiefer, senior vice president of global purchasing and supply chain at General Motors, referring to the company’s “zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion” mission. “The Bolt EV and our next-generation BEV are really the platform for that, so it’s the logical first place.”

The Uptis concept tires have a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour and a max load of 1102 pounds. Different versions with different specs and driving characteristics will be possible, Roget said. That’s the kind of work Michelin will do with GM to figure out the right structure and number of spokes, which type of rubber to put on the outside, and how to embed the fiberglass in the tire depending on the vehicle application. No matter how the Uptis ends up, it will be more stable than other tires, he said.

“Whatever the temperature, the profile of the tire will be exactly the same,” Kiefer said. “So it’s a very stable solution. No pressure check, no pressure adjustment.”

Theoretically, the tread life for the Uptis is the same as a standard tire, Roget said, but in the real world it will be longer because drivers who use it will not be driving around on improperly inflated tires. “You always have the right pressure, so the tire will have a longer life,” he said.
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2006 Kenworth T600 semi truck for sale at auction | bidding closes May 30, 2019

2006 Kenworth T600 semi truck for sale at auction | bidding closes May 30, 2019

View details and pictures — and place your bid at

Truck and Trailer Auction
This asset is for sale at auction by Purple Wave and will sell to the highest bidder without reserves or minimums. Bidding is open now and will close May 30, 2019

2006 Kenworth T600 semi truck
879 miles on odometer
33,514 hours on meter
Caterpillar C15 Acert 14.6L L6 diesel engine
435 HP
Eaton Fuller 13 speed manual transmission
Tandem axle
AC and heat
Single bed
Storage cabinets
Hang closet
3:36 gear ratio
Air suspension
11R22.5 front tires
295/75R22.5 rear tires
GVWR 52,000 lbs
FAWR 12,000 lbs
IAWR 20,000 lbs
RAWR 20,000 lbs
One tire needs to be replaced
Texas title
Title distribution may be delayed up to 30 days from verification of funds.
It’s located in Amarillo, TX, and we’re selling it to the highest bidder regardless of price.
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Air to Fuel Ratio in a Diesel

Air to Fuel Ratio in a Diesel

In this episode of Diesel Insights, DT’s Nick Priegnitz goes into detail about the importance of a diesel engine’s air-to-fuel ratio, especially in tuned trucks.

The air to fuel ratio serves a critical role in the efficient operation of a diesel engine. Without the appropriate combination, the engine could fail and burn a piston, for example. In performance applications, the air-to-fuel ratio is manipulated because efficiency is not that important. But for a daily driver – especially one with fuel emission equipment intact – how the air and fuel react to each other is the bedrock of an efficient engine.

But what is fuel to air definition?
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Calibrated Power Solutions Inc. – home of Duramaxtuner – is a data-driven, market leading tuning business. We are dedicated to providing high-quality engine calibrations that represent the best mix of drivability, reliability, and power available within the performance automotive aftermarket. We keep our edge by encouraging innovation. We drive and verify results by employing expert staff, who are equipped with the best tools in the business. We view ourselves as prompt, reliable professionals who deliver. CPS aims to establish a nationally recognized standard in our market for product quality and service delivery.

About our Tuning: Balancing power, heat, drivability and efficiency is something that takes time and requires a solid understanding of engine dynamics. Those who plan on running their trucks loaded for an extended period of time should take care to match their tuning and parts to the application. understands your need for reliable and consistent power delivery. We’ve designed our business and facilities around making it a reality. Contact us for custom tuning and part combinations created for your specific need.
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Meguiar’s On Headlight Restoration: Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar’s On Headlight Restoration: Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar’s has several headlight restoration kits to restore clarity to your headlights. Begin by evaluating how much cloudiness, yellowing and hazing you have on your headlights. Next, you want to select the right headlight restoration kit based on the condition of your headlights and if you want to work by hand or by corded drill.

Here we’re selecting Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit. To obtain the best results, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure you are working on a clean surface. You want the headlights to be clean and free of dust and dirt so you aren’t pushing any debris back into the clear plastic.

Mask to protect surrounding paint. Carefully mask around the headlights to ensure that surrounding paint and trim pieces don’t get bumped by sanding discs and compound, or by final coatings when they are applied.

Sand vertically using the included 1000 grit sanding disc and water. Continue sanding evenly until you get consistent cloudy appearance.

Sand horizontally using the included 3000 grit sanding disc and water. Again, you want to sand thoroughly and consistently until an even appearance is achieved.

Apply Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish onto the wool buffing pad. Attach the included wool buffing pad to a standard corded drill and apply the PlastX (also included) evenly over the buffing pad. Start off working PlastX slowly and thoroughly into the headlight. Then, speed up to create more friction which will work microscopic abrasive into the plastic and remove the fine sanding marks in the headlight. Work in with light to moderate pressure for a couple of minutes and wipe off with the included microfiber before it fully dries. Reapply apply product as needed until the headlight is clear. Then, repeat this process on the other headlight.

Clean headlights with glass cleaner. This will remove any remaining product and allow for the headlight coating to take to the headlight properly. Headlights should look crystal clear at this point.

Apply Headlight Coating onto foam pad. Apply Headlight Coating thin and evenly in straight lines over the headlight making sure to get even coverage. Apply in the same way to the other headlight.

Remove masking tape.

Allow 24 hours for the Headlight Coating to fully cure. Keep the headlights away from water or moisture for 24 hours so that the coating cures evenly and properly. After the coating has fully cured, your headlights will be protected for up to one year.

Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kits:

Meguiar’s Basic Headlight Restoration Kit – G2960
Meguiar’s Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit – G2970
Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit – G2980

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