ISUZU NRR Fuel Filter Service

ISUZU NRR Fuel Filter Service

MJ TruckNation is a full-service dealership for Isuzu, Hino, and Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks. Using only genuine parts, MJ TruckNation offers full service including standard and extensive warranty plans. Give us a call at 561-840-9800 if you need any service on your commercial trucks!
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Diesel Power Truck Center

Diesel Power Truck Center




(828) 552-5522

2348 Smokey Park Highway, Candler, NC 28715, USA
(I-40, Exit 37).

Services & Amenities Offered:

Mobile Repair Service
Tire Shop
Mobile Tire Service
Heavy Duty Towing
Truck Repair Shop
Trailer Repair
DPF Filter Clean / Replace
Vehicle Inspections – Truck
Vehicle Inspections – Trailer
Truck Rental or Leasing
Transmission & Drive Line
Trailer Rental or Leasing
Tarp Sales & Repair
Trailer Refrigeration Repair
Radiator & Cooling
Preventative Maintenance
Part Supplier
Mobile Fueling
Lock Out Service
Glass Repair
Frame, Alignment & Suspension
Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
Bus Repairs
Body Work
Air Conditioning
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Towing Big Trailers with a 1/2 Ton Pickup. Owner's Experience!

Towing Big Trailers with a 1/2 Ton Pickup. Owner's Experience!

Link to all the accessories I review and use from etrailer!

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RV & Trailer Upgrades and Accessories
*Reese 20k Goosebox:
*Valhalla 16×6.5 110PSI Wheels wi/metal Valve Stem:

*Fastway Tire Chock:
*Camco Swivel Stik:
*Camco Brush:
*Foam Sprayer:
*Valterra Soap:
*Goodyear Endurance Tires 15″:

*Goodyear Endurance Tires 16″:

*RV Suspension Upgrade (travel trailer, Cargo Trailer):

*RV Suspension Upgrade (Fifth Wheel):

*Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack 4,000 lbs

*LevelUp Auto Leveling System:

*Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch:

*B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch:

*B&W Tow and Stow Hitch:

*Sewer Hose:
*Cut off Valve:
*Hose Support:
*Water Hose:
*Water Pressure Regulator:
*6000 Watt Generator Kit:
*3200 Watt Inverter Generator:
*2000 Watt Inverter Generator:
*30amp to 50amp Power Cord:
*LED RV Replacement Taillights:

*Fifth Wheel G Rated 16″ Tires:
*Fastway ALBM Hitch:
*RV Camera:
*RV Steps:
*A frame Bike Mount:
*Lippert Cord Reel:

Truck Upgrades
*Airlift 5000 Ultimate Airbags:
*Airlift WirelessAir Kit:
*Access Toolbox Bed Cover:
*Bed Mat Covers:
*Access Toolbox Bed Cover for Ford:

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Paraplegic & F700 Dump Truck with Lucas Girling Brake system and Dayton Wheels Hyper speed version

Paraplegic & F700 Dump Truck with Lucas Girling Brake system and Dayton Wheels Hyper speed version

This is the Hyper drive version of this brake job, still talk on a couple key points but fly through on the work side of it.
This is how a paraplegic changes a rear wheel seal and cleans brakes on the rear axle, on an F 700 dump truck with the Lucas Girling brake system. First manor is jacking up the axle to the tires can be removed, typically it’s a good ides to use jack stands but I didn’t have that luxury on this set up. Once off the ground then need to cage the spring brake or the brake chamber to free up brakes, you might need to adjust brake adjusters or you may not (that depends on if drum has a lip and catches on shoes) remove the nuts that hold the wedges and the wheel in place, once loose then smack the wedges with a hammer until they brake free. Remove the nuts and wedges, remove outside tire, remove spacer ring, and remove inside tire. From this point remove the nuts for the axle shaft and the coned shaped alignment washers by smacking the shaft with a hammer and vibrating them out, then remove the axle shaft. Now remove the outer nut with 3 1/2 hub socket, lock ring, inner nut, and finally the outer bearing. I made a puller to remove the hub, once freed up pull hub and drum together and set on ground.
Now flip it up and drive out the wheel seal and inner bearing, clean and check bearing and race, lube bearing and reinstall. Next install the new seal, be sure to drive it in square and set it flush at the base of the hub. I use 80 grit sand paper and give the shoes and drums a new surface to provide greater braking, clean out all dust and set hub and drum back onto axle. Take care not to damage the new seal, (IMPORTANT be sure to add oil in the hub before outer bearing unless you have a fill port in hub) oil outer bearing and install into the hub. Install the inner nut and tighten to press hub back into place, run nut down tight while turning drum to seat bearings. Loosen outer nut and then snug back down to set the end play on the bearings, when set install lock ring (in most cases you will have to make a small adjustment to the inner nut to get the pin and lock ring to engage) then install the outer nut and tighten. Next clean the axle shaft and hub, install RTV silicone to the hub and shaft to prevent gear oil from leaking. Install alignment washers and torque nuts. Throw the inner tire, spacer, and outer tire back on, install wedges and try to keep them even gaped. When tightening Dayton wheels you need to place an object next to the tire so you can check the run out of the tires, if the tire wobbles then you adjust the wedges accordingly until tires run true. Adjust brakes and uncage the spring brake, set tires back down on the ground and fill the diff with fluid. Last thing is to pack the tools up and ask why you didn’t take it and have someone else work om it!!! Thanks for watching. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,and/or COMMENT!!
semi truck air brake chamber replacement

MOTOR HEAVY TRUCK Service v13 [2013] – All Heavy Trucks Wiring Diagrams Software

MOTOR HEAVY TRUCK Service v13 [2013] - All Heavy Trucks Wiring Diagrams Software

MOTOR HEAVY TRUCK Service v13 [2013] – All Heavy Trucks Wiring Diagrams Software

MOTOR鈥檚 Heavy Truck Service 1990-2013 has been updated to include a new Vehicle System menu selection process as well as updated Search and Help sections to allow for a greater ease of use. Each section and corresponding functions are identified and outlined below to show how the new functionality can work for you.

Heavy Truck Service Content Coverage:
路 Air Bag
路 Air Conditioning
路 Brakes
路 Drive Axle & Transmission
路 Emissions
路 Engine Electrical
路 Engines
路 Farm Tractor
路 Maintenance
路 Performance
路 Specifications
路 Steering & Suspension
路 Technical Service Bulletins
路 Wiring Diagrams

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