TruckDown Longview Kelso WA

TruckDown Longview Kelso WA

I 5 Truck Trailer- 116 Wilson Drive, Kalama, Cowlitz County, Wa phone: 360-673-3300
My fully equipped mobile emergency road service repair truck is available for all highway Big Rig trailer repairs, tire repair, jump starts, belts, hoses, and many other services. We are ready to come to you 24/6 Monday–Saturday midnight. Also includes: Air Brakes – air valves, air cans, air hoses, air fittings, diaphragms, brake shoes, brake adjustments, etc. Wheel Seals – bearing and hub replacement, Electrical – lights, alternators and jump starts, Welding – minor frame cracks, Roof Leaks – bucket truck available for high out of reach repairs, good for dry load demand situations on trailers, Tire Repair – flat tires, shredded tires, Hoses – radiator, air, hydraulic, Fuel Delivery- to get you on the road again.
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Towing: Important trailer tire tips

Towing: Important trailer tire tips

If your trailer tires are bad, they will fail, it’s just a matter of time. Giving them a good once over will at least minimize the chances of a blow out on your trip. Blow outs also cause trailer damage, it happened to me.

Covering the tires is a great idea to keep tires fresh, and they aren’t super expensive.

Here is a link for an inexpensive well reviewed set:

If that set doesn’t work for you, search around, there are a few good options on Amazon.

Thanks for watching, and check out my other channel, Towing 101, for more videos like this:

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IMMI Semi Truck Crash Test

IMMI Semi Truck Crash Test

On August 26th, IMMI demonstrated the important of seat belt safety by crashing the cab of a large semi-truck head-on into the largest barrier block in the world. The passenger ATD (test dummy) was not wearing a seat belt.

More information:

Follow us for more crash tests and safety news:

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STOP TIRE DRY ROT : : Military, RV & Commercial, Wipe it New(TM) w Renew Protect since 2007

STOP TIRE DRY ROT  : :   Military, RV & Commercial, Wipe it New(TM) w Renew Protect since 2007

Renew Protect : : the state of the art copolymer protectants since 2007.
Renew Protect offers a easy wipe on solution to the big problem of sun damage. Renew Protect not only fully restores surfaces it actually ‘feeds’ rubber, plastic, and vinyl by replacing the very elements your items are made of.
We recommend once a year on bumpers, motorcycles, patio furniture, etc… and every 6 months for tires.
You will save cash by extending life and use of this items by 100%+ and restoring faded bumpers as well as stopping dry rot on tires.
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