2013 International Durastar 4300 Altec DC47T Digger Derrick

2013 International Durastar 4300 Altec DC47T Digger Derrick

Equipment Specifications
Altec DC47T Digger Derrick
25,085 LB Lifting Capacity
46′ Sheave Height
Rear Riding Console
2 Speed Digger
15′ Utility Bed
18″ Auger Bit
Pole Grabs
Front Mounted Winch
4 Hydraulic Outriggers
Tested & Certified

Truck Specifications
2013 International Durastar 4300
MaxxForce DT @ 245HP
Allison Automatic
Air Brakes
33,000 GVWR
13K Front
20K Rear
137 PTO Hours
2,469 Total Truck Hours
Odomter Reading 33,088 Miles

Stock #5091

semi truck air governor replacement

MY SUMMER TIRES ❄ almost on – Angelica Larsson

MY SUMMER TIRES ❄ almost on - Angelica Larsson

yessss, late as usual when it comes to important stuff 😂
was going to change my tires from winter to summer, but I wasn’t strong enough and I didn’t have enough tools to change them today ☹ on Saturday I’m going to change them with my dad instead 🥰 so this is a 2 part video 😍 enjoy 💜

Vosai – Love of my life
Anna Yvette – Red line
Roy – Breathe me in
semi tires

WHY Texas Pride Dump Trailer over the other brands! Find out!

WHY Texas Pride Dump Trailer over the other brands! Find out!

BTBRV Texas Pride Trailer Specific Build!

*A HUGE THANKS TO TEXAS PRIDE TRAILERS FOR SPONSORING THIS VIDEO! Do your own research anytime you are looking to buy, built, or use a product, especially a trailer or RV.

Kraken Lock

Ft Knox Locks

Link to all the accessories I review and use from etrailer!

RV Towing Upgrades
*Reese Goosebox Gen2:
*B&W OEM Gooseball:
*B&W Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*B&W Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch:
*Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch:
*B&W Tow and Stow Hitch:
*Fastway ALBM Hitch:

RV and Trailer Equipment Upgrades
*RoadArmor Suspension Equalizer:
EquaFlex Suspension Equalizer:
*Dexter HD Shackle Straps and Wet Bolts:
*RV Suspension Upgrade (travel trailer, Cargo Trailer):
*16” G Rated Wheel Tire Combo:
*Goodyear Endurance 15” Trailer Tire:
*Goodyear Endurance 16” Trailer Tire:
*Furrion Wireless Backup Camera:
*Furrion Wireless Side and Rear Cameras:
*Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack 4,000 lbs:
*GlowStep Revolution Steps:
*LCI Solid Steps:
*LCI Cord Reel:
*Reese Fifth Wheel Dual Motor Landing Gear:

Must Have Equipment!
*6000 Watt Generator Kit:
*3200 Watt Inverter Generator:
*2000 Watt Inverter Generator:
*30amp to 50amp Power Cord:
*LED RV Replacement Taillights:
*Fastway Tire Chocks:
*RV Foam Sprayer:
*RV Soap:

Truck Upgrades:
*Airlift 5000 Airbag Kit:
*Airlift Wireless Air Controller:
*Access Toolbox Bed Cover:
*Bedrug Bed Liner:

My other channel:

*Etrailer.com and Road Armor are the official sponsors of my channel. Equipment reviewed may have been provided by them as part of their sponsorship. All reviews are honest and unbiased. This channel is for entertainment purposes and you should always do your own research prior to making a decision!
Music by: Autonautix
Music by: Bensound Sponsored items may be in this video. Always research multiple sources before making a purchasing decision. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
commercial trailer tires

THOR24 custom semi, which is powered by two V-12 engines

THOR24 custom semi, which is powered by two V-12 engines

Send us a video: Another truck video

Built by Mike Harrah over 7 years.

The THOR24 custom semi is powered by two V-12 engines (1700 cubic inches!)

V24-71 Detroit Diesel
Original, one-of-a-kind 1979 Peterbilt 359 crew cab (custom-stretched)
1933 custom-built Ford Grill Tribute
12 x 871 superchargers
3,974 horsepower
Maximum speed: 130 mph
4 drag-chutes (12-feet in diameter)
7 years in the making
$7 million in actual hard costs
Completely chrome-plated and polished aluminum and stainless-steel undercarriage
Hawker jet-engine Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
44-feet long
32,000 lbs.
1,500-watt per channel, 110-volt world-class sound system
7 movie screens, including a 40-inch movie screen


Video Create:
big semi truck repair

What's inside a Tesla Engine?

What's inside a Tesla Engine?

We took apart a REAL Tesla Model S Motor! Thanks to our sponsor UBTECH for making this possible! Get the JIMU Robot: MeeBot 2.0 Kit at the Apple store, apple.com, or learn more at

This is the same rear motor that is in the model S and X. Tesla learned from the Original Roadster, made this motor, then came out with the new model 3 and Y motor. Even from 2012 the inside of this is super advanced technology.

Watch all our Tesla Videos here:

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large semi truck repair

Kenworth shifting hard, How to replace air pressure regulator on an Eaton Fuller auto shift

Kenworth shifting hard, How to replace air pressure regulator on an Eaton Fuller auto shift

Welcome back to DIY SEMI.

Here we have a Kenworth t660 with an Eaton fuller auto shift that is having a hard time shifting. The truck just had a new clutch put in. And while it was out, a full inspection. This air regulator should probably be serviced about every 500,000 miles according to the manual. We test drove the truck after replacing it and it shifts properly now.
It was not hard to replace. Just a tight spot and dirty. Use safety glasses and make sure the truck frame is supported so it doesn’t settle down on you.
It is definately a do it yourself type project.
semi truck air dryer filter replacement

Freightliner cascadia water in air tanks 1/2

Freightliner cascadia water in air tanks 1/2

WARNING!!: ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Always use the proper tools and safety equipment to perform this job.
Failure to perform the job correctly can result in personal injury or vehicle damage.
Don’t do this job if you think you don’t have the experience or the equipment to do this job correctly. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST!

Warning!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️
This video is just a demonstration of the labor to do to perform this job,  the results may vary.
Also, the damage found can be greater that expected and it can result in a massive engine failure. 

This video contains basic mechanic   information

This PROBLEM is can be found in all trucks with DD13 DD15 DD16 OM471 OM472 OM473 Cummins isx paccar MX Caterpillar Volvo maxxforce

Freightliner western star Mercedes Benz Volvo peterbilt kenworth international mack

The symptoms of the fault are:

Broken or low quality air dryer
Air compressor not working properly
Air tank problems
Defective drain plugs

Tools needed:

Parts needed

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semi truck air governor replacement

A Beginners Guide To CB Linear Amplifiers.

A Beginners Guide To CB Linear Amplifiers.

The single most requested video. For some reason everyone wants to know about CB radio linear amplifiers, So i put together a video that covers the history of CB amps here in the states. I also break down the way these amps work, how to hook them up and if you hang on til the end, how the multiplication of power works to show why a 400 watt amp isn’t as powerful as you might initially think.

NOTE: I don’t advocate the use of illegal amps on the CB band here stateside. I know that in other places more power is legal, but here in the states the FCC allows 4 watts AM and 12 Watts SSB.
Using more than that is like speeding. You can get away with it for a while, heck maybe even a long time, but when you get caught its going to cost you.
mobile semi truck repair