Introducing: Utility Keystone's Mobile Service Team

Introducing: Utility Keystone's Mobile Service Team

Have you met our Mobile Service Team yet?

We’re all facing some challenges right now, but our Mobile Service Team is here to help you tackle all your semi-trailer repair and maintenance challenges. Take advantage of our team working on-sight to get your equipment back on the road or our free pick-up and delivery service.

Let us lend a hand in:

-reefer maintenance
-brakes & suspensions
-preventative maintenance
-damage repair
-and anything else you may need

Now servicing the Carlisle area too!

How can we serve you?


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Crown Lift Trucks Field Service Manager Oscar Sotomayor on Diesel

Crown Lift Trucks Field Service Manager Oscar Sotomayor on Diesel

Oscar Sotomayor was first hired as a field service technician at Crown Lift Trucks. After being a technician for three years, he had the opportunity to move up to his current position.

Oscar says when hiring diesel technicians, Crown Lift Trucks looks for strong communication, someone who is good with their hands and someone who is willing to learn.

Many people would be surprised to learn how prevalent Crown Lift Trucks is among diverse industries, Oscar says. Crown is often working behind the scenes, whether it’s at a football stadium or servincg ShopRite and Costco.

Oscar says jobs in diesel are in high demand. Anything that was ever produced was moved by a forklift. The demand for technicians grows every day, because there are new companies being formed and other companies move to other areas.

The diesel industry is in need right now of technicians who can work on this heavy equipment, Oscar says. At Crown, there are many opportunities. Technology is growing every day, and there are jobs that haven’t been made yet that will be available in the near future.

UTI’s Diesel Technician Training program is 45 weeks and is offered at 11 locations throughout the country. Students learn how to perform repair services, diagnose problems and replace diesel parts. UTI also offers specialized advanced training on trucks and engines from brands including Cummins, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Daimler Trucks North America.

For additional information into specific courses, tuition and admissions, see the course catalogs at

For more information regarding diesel training programs at Universal Technical Institute, visit

UTI offers employment assistance to students and graduates. To learn more about employment assistance at Universal Technical Institute, visit

To find the nearest UTI school near you, visit

To stay up-to-date with some of the latest news regarding UTI, join us on social media.

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I had a rare opportunity to purchase a Semi Joe Truck Shop build.. and I scooped it up! From the moment I set eyes on to this custom 6×6 Steiger / “ERTL” Conversion to Radio Control – AND it was 6×6 – there was no way I wouldn’t bring it here! I felt as I was compelled to showcase this unit because it truly is a perfect look at the skills of SEMI JOE. From what I understand, this retired Veteran has been building RC models for customers since the mid 1980’s and has built more than 1200 models! Literally a living legend in the community of the RC hobby, owning a piece of his artwork is a true privilege. It’s not cheap.. but its pure quality. Built to last, and built to be tough – I know that my machine is ready to take on a whole new workload!

Semi Joe put a Plow and Winch system (with servo), so I can clear out my pathways when the snow fly’s.. or I can remove the plow and use the winch to pull me out of sticky situations. This 6×6 has 12 tires, and are mounted on RC4WD puller Wheels.

See Semi Joe’s New Feed with all of his Latest and Greatest builds going on: . or buy direct from his eBay store:

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