Semi Truck 101: Identifying Rear Suspension And Components

Semi Truck 101: Identifying Rear Suspension And Components

Hey Truckers! In this Semi Truck 101 video, we walk you through the rear suspension and components of your semi truck. And with our walk around we give you some tips on what to look out for and some things you can do if you see a potential problem.

In this video, we used a 2012 Volvo Semi Truck as our model 🙂

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TEL Tips: Fuel Valves

TEL Tips: Fuel Valves

A fuel valve can be a life saver or an annoyance depending on the situation. Daniel Davis from TEL is here to show you where to find the fuel valve on a Volvo and when you should have it open or closed. Pro tip: sometimes as a joke, other drivers will shut off a fuel valve while you are parked. So that’s just one of many reasons why you should get familiar with your fuel valve.

And don’t miss out on our other TEL Tips with Daniel where you can learn how to service other parts of your truck.

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Video Transcript:

This is Daniel Davis with Transport Enterprise Leasing bringing you another TEL Tip. Today I wanna talk about the fuel shut-off valves on the Volvos. If you have a situation where your truck’s only pulling fuel from one tank or if you have a fuel tank with a bad leak on it, you need to close it off for emergency situations if it has a leak. But if you’re only drawing fuel from one tank, you wanna make sure both valves are open. On this valve, you can see right now that it’s crossed. That means one tank’s closed off. To simply open it up, make sure that the valve is in line with the fitting coming out of the tank. This is Daniel Davis bringing you another TEL Tip. Thank you for watching.
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HOW TO FIND A SEMI TRUCK IN YOUR PRICE RANGE (Q&A) – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By


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What up tune. Are there any resources showing specific prices on how much a used & new truck cost. I’m 20 turning 21 in December & obtaining my cdls hopefully in December or January depending on how soon a school will take me. I also have plan on becoming an owner operator out the gate. Could you put me on game about the specific prices of purchasing or leasing a truck. Ybetv! (100,000 range?)


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Boost Leak Tester (XL) | How-To | OTR Performance

Boost Leak Tester (XL) | How-To | OTR Performance

Test your system for leaks with this easy to use tool! The Boost Leak Tester is able to find the most common leaks within an engine. Saving you money in the long run.

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Buying a New Truck: Owner Operator Business Series – Part 2

Buying a New Truck: Owner Operator Business Series - Part 2

This video is the second in a series of videos of particular interest to the Owner Operator, on purchasing a new truck. (We’ll review the ups and downs of purchasing a used big rig in more detail in another video).

There are many things to consider when purchasing the most important asset for your owner operator business.

Dave offers some guidance and tips to help with the purchase of your new truck: working with an experienced sales person who is knowledgeable about big trucks, spec’ing for versatility, choosing reliable features such as engines, drive lines, rear ends, fuel mileage, etc.

For more detailed information and tips for spec’ing a new truck,
check out this article on our website.

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