Roosevelt’s Towing & Road Service in Canajoharie, NY | 24 Hour Find Truck Service

Roosevelt's Towing & Road Service in Canajoharie, NY | 24 Hour Find Truck Service

24 Hour Towing Service in Canajoharie, NY. Semi Truck Towing and Truck Road Service in Canajoharie, NY. We provide Heavy Duty Towing, Truck Roadside Service & Truck, Trailer & Tire Repair Shop in Canajoharie, NY. and the near surrounding area.

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Roosevelt’s Towing & Recovery
210 Erie Blvd
Canajoharie, NY

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Fleet Maintenance Careers at Penske Truck Leasing

Fleet Maintenance Careers at Penske Truck Leasing

Apply Online:

Penske Truck Leasing is a leader in full-service truck leasing and fleet maintenance. We operate and maintain a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles across North America. Our fleet maintenance associates play a critical role in delivering the best possible experience for our customers as tens of thousands of companies rely on Penske to help ensure their commercial semi-trucks, straight trucks, trailers, and other vehicles are well-maintained and always ready to roll.

Our highly skilled and well-trained fleet maintenance team includes more than 5,000 associates ranging from diesel engine technicians, service assistants and supervisors. Penske Truck Leasing uses leading-edge diagnostic and troubleshooting technologies to keep our own expansive truck rental and logistics fleet as well as our customers’ heavy-duty semi-tractors, trucks and trailers in top condition and on the road 24/7. No matter the job our fleet maintenance team plays a key role in delighting customers by keeping their businesses running.

Build a Rewarding Career

People are the keys to our success. We’re looking for skilled, high-performance technicians, who like working in a team environment and have a deep passion for customer service and high ethical standards. Penske Truck Leasing offers a tiered technician program with flexible shifts including:

 Technician I: This position requires a minimum of six years of practical experience or an equivalent combination of related education and experience, with tractor-trailer maintenance required. A commercial driver’s license and air brake certification are required.

 Technician II: This position requires a minimum of two to four years of practical experience or an equivalent combination of related education and experience. A commercial driver’s license and air brake certification are also required.

 Technician III: This entry-level position requires a minimum of one to two years of experience in the trucking or related industry or an equivalent combination of related education and experience. A commercial driver’s license must be obtained within the first year.

With locations throughout North America, Penske Truck Leasing offers exciting career opportunities. If desired, our technicians can advance into supervisory or managerial positions, including maintenance supervisor and maintenance manager.

Enhance your Skills with Outstanding Training

Penske was the first and only truck leasing, rental and logistics provider to ever earn National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification for its continuing education program for its fleet mechanics. Typically, our maintenance associates receive at least 40 hours of state-of-the-art training each year on a variety of equipment.

Excellent Benefits

We value the well-being of our employees and their families. That’s why we offer a range of benefits, including medical and dental insurance, profit sharing and pension plans, flexible dependent care and medical spending accounts, and spouse and child life insurance. At Penske Truck Leasing, you will enjoy competitive wages, paid holidays and vacations, and tuition assistance.

Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Demystifying Airbrakes 2: Spring brake valve

Demystifying Airbrakes 2:  Spring brake valve

The valve is a Tramec TEV 70psi spring brake valve. A spring brake valve basically accomplishes two tasks. Releasing parking brakes by compressing the springs in brake chambers, and filling air tanks. A great article (PDF) from Tramec can be found at the link below. A Sealco 110700 valve is very similar to this Tramec valve, but is more common and of much better quality. If you need to replace a spring brake valve, I recommend using Sealco parts. Trust me.

A viewer, Brake Nut, provided me with the following information. Sometimes I just can’t explain things well enough so I’m glad to have other people share what they know.

“That little valve you couldn’t remove at 2:40 ish is a one way check valve.. Anti Compounding is simply a protection system that won’t allow the pressure to be ADDED to the service side of the chambers if the park spring are released. With the red button out, air has been exhausted from the spring brake cavity and the push rods are pushed forward mechanically with the heavy spring of the chamber.. If you make a service brake application with the spring brakes applied, you compound the forces on the slack. Anti Compounding.. in this case.. with no pressure on the supply side of the piston (in the valve) .. the same service signal (blue line) applying air to the service side of the pots .. that same signal is entering the trailer emerg valve and will push through the check valve and through the orifice you described.. and begin filling the spring brake side of the chamber pushing on the large diaphragm in the pot Just imagine a cut-away spring brake chamber.. you’ll have equal pressure pushing on the service and pushing on the park side.. proportionally.. ”
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Regrooving Truck Tires

Regrooving Truck Tires

This is a very seasoned tire veteran demonstrating how regrooving of tires is done. Tires are 11R24.5 Bridgestone M726 EL. This is reuseing old tires that were worn out and though is not extremely common, is still an acceptable practice in extending the virgin tread’s life on a truck tire; however it is not acceptable or encouraged to put this on steer applications on either passenger/ public transportation or vehicles hauling hazardous materials.
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Tire Shop, Tire Repair in Asheville NC 28804

Tire Shop, Tire Repair in Asheville NC 28804

Reece Tires is a full service commercial and retail tire dealer that has been in the tire industry for over 40 years. We sell a wide variety of tires to and have repair service for your tires and are family owned and operated. We specialize in tires and tire balancing. “Our Mission is to lower your cost and increase your mileage with the best products, the best people, and the best service.”
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