Peterbilt 379 | Paint Installation at Big Rig Chrome Shop

Peterbilt 379 | Paint Installation at Big Rig Chrome Shop

This past Spring, we had the opportunity to paint this beautiful Peterbilt 379. Check it out, and call 920-769-0611 for your paint installation quote!

Big Rig Chrome Shop is a leading aftermarket parts and accessories dealer for semi trucks. With thousands of parts to make your truck shine on the road, to many accessories to help make the long days more comfortable, Big Rig Chrome Shop has it all.
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The ULTIMATE tyre test! These are the best UHP tires you can buy for your car!

The ULTIMATE tyre test! These are the best UHP tires you can buy for your car!

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Here it is, the 2019 Tyre Reviews UUHP tyre test! This is a HUGE tyre test, which includes the first test of the new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport, and its two current top rated rivals, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, and the Continental SportContact 6, plus five other maximum performance summer tyre patterns.
This test was conducted at Continentals test facility in Uvalde Texas, and has the added advantage of all the tyres (other than Goodyear) being available to both the European and American markets!

The test car is a BMW M2 wearing 245/35 R19 fronts and 265/35 R19 rears. This is a full tyre test, so all the usual categories are on test including dry and wet handling, dry and wet braking, aquaplaning, rolling resistance, noise and comfort. Where this test is slightly different from other tests is we’ve put a greater emphasis on subjective handling scoring in the dry and wet, as we believe on a car like the BMW M2, how the car feels and how it’s balanced is as important as saving a few tenths of a second.

As always, comments are more than welcome below, I’d love some suggestions on how I could make a film about the next big tyre test even better!

00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – Tyres on Test
01:51 – Dry Handling
05:43 – Dry Braking
06:05 – Wet Handling
12:44 – Wet Braking and Aquaplaning
13:04 – Conclusion

Further information on the tyres talked about in this video can be found on the Tyre Reviews website

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The music in the video is by the excellent Lakey Inspired, go follow his soundcloud!

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ISUZU NRR Fuel Filter Service

ISUZU NRR Fuel Filter Service

MJ TruckNation is a full-service dealership for Isuzu, Hino, and Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks. Using only genuine parts, MJ TruckNation offers full service including standard and extensive warranty plans. Give us a call at 561-840-9800 if you need any service on your commercial trucks!
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Diesel Power Truck Center

Diesel Power Truck Center




(828) 552-5522

2348 Smokey Park Highway, Candler, NC 28715, USA
(I-40, Exit 37).

Services & Amenities Offered:

Mobile Repair Service
Tire Shop
Mobile Tire Service
Heavy Duty Towing
Truck Repair Shop
Trailer Repair
DPF Filter Clean / Replace
Vehicle Inspections – Truck
Vehicle Inspections – Trailer
Truck Rental or Leasing
Transmission & Drive Line
Trailer Rental or Leasing
Tarp Sales & Repair
Trailer Refrigeration Repair
Radiator & Cooling
Preventative Maintenance
Part Supplier
Mobile Fueling
Lock Out Service
Glass Repair
Frame, Alignment & Suspension
Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
Bus Repairs
Body Work
Air Conditioning
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How Much Quicker and More Efficient Can Your RV Be? We Tune It

How Much Quicker and More Efficient Can Your RV Be? We Tune It

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