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What's the Biggest/Largest Size Tires I Can Put on My Truck, Jeep, or SUV?

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Dan the Tire Man has been in all aspects of the tire industry for over 33 years. And when you’re ready to buy, Dan offers a No Credit Check financing program where he ships tires, wheels and accessories nationwide to your door for only $49 out of pocket followed by low payments for up to one year. Pay it off in 90 days and save a lot of money. You can apply directly on our website at and receive an instant approval. Your credit will NOT be checked. Bad credit or no credit is okay. Also perfect for those of you trying to buy a house and needing credit to buy tires but you don’t want to get an inquiry ding on your credit report which would lower your FICO score.

Dan the Tire Man will show you how to measure your truck, Jeep or SUV to figure out what is the largest size tires you can put on it without a lift kit, leveling kit or sawzall. Whether you’re looking for an all terrain or mud tire, Dan can show you how to get the right size so that you don’t rub. Of course this isn’t an exact science since the vehicle manufacturers want you to keep the original equipment (OE) size on there. But grab a tape measure and sit back while Dan explains how to go up in tire size.

Dan will also give you a list of the most popular trucks and SUVs on the market and what the largest size tires you can fit on them.

(Disclaimer: If you change the OE tire size, you do so at your own risk. This is just a guide of what is most likely to fit based on our experience and that of others in the tire industry. But suspension sag and other factors may make these sizes irrelevant.)

Dan will also discuss a really cool little gadget called a Superchip. This is an electronic device that will help keep your speedometer on track when you size up. It will also help your engine perform much better, too. And can adjust for any gear ratio changes you’ve made.

Dan also discusses a very helpful tool called a tire size calculator offered by Tacoma World.

Again, learn all about our financing program by going to or call (207) 446-9470 to hear more about how the program works.

We hope you enjoyed our video about how to put larger tires on your vehicle. Have fun and be safe!


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20 Rare Ford Pick Up Truck Commercials from the 1980s! (F-150 and Ranger)

20 Rare Ford Pick Up Truck Commercials from the 1980s! (F-150 and Ranger)

20 Rare Ford Pick Up Truck Commercials from the 1980s! (F-150 and Ranger) These rare, vintage television ads of Ford Pick ups. Check out this, and all these retro, hard to find old Ford Mustang Commercials! Since the Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964 and became an instant success, these hilarious commercials show how life is better when behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang.

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Description of Ford Truck taken from Wikipedia “The Ford F-Series is a series of light-duty trucks and medium-duty trucks (Class 2-7) that have been marketed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company since 1948. While most variants of the F-Series trucks are full-size pickup trucks, the F-Series also includes chassis cab trucks and commercial vehicles.

The most popular version of the F-Series is the Ford F-150, produced in thirteen different generations. It has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1981 and the best-selling pickup since 1977.[1][2] It is also the best selling vehicle in Canada.[3]

In 1999, to bridge the gap between the pickup line and the medium-duty trucks, the F-250 and F-350 were redesigned separately with the introduction of the Ford Super Duty series. Currently, the F-Series includes the F-150, the Super Duty (F-250 through F-550), and F-650 and F-750 Super Duty medium-duty commercial trucks.

Through rebadging, the F-Series has sold through all three divisions of Ford Motor Company in North America. The Mercury M-Series was sold in Canada from 1946 to 1968 due to the limited dealership network in rural areas. The Lincoln Blackwood and Lincoln Mark LT were rebadged versions of the Ford F-150 sold during the 2000s as Lincoln attempted to market a luxury pickup truck.”l
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American Force Wheels, Installation Video Black Ford f350 with Classic 22 5 and adapters

American Force Wheels, Installation Video Black Ford f350 with Classic 22 5  and adapters


American Force Wheels, Inc. is an American company located in Miami, Florida. Our wheels are made in America. Our aftermarket custom forged 6061 aluminum alloy wheels are made to your specifications. Our company website is located at Please visit us to see our entire selection of wheels for your pickup truck, SUV, HumVee or Jeep. Whether you’re looking for a super single wheel or a dually wheel, we have you covered. Some of our clients pickup trucks never leave the road and are kept in pristine condition and some other clients pickup trucks or jeeps are used largely off road and in the mud. Either way, forged 6061 aluminum wheels and rims are the strongest wheels on, or off, road. So, visit our site and see which of our wheels and rims are best for your pickup truck, SUV, HumVee or Jeep.

Pickup Truck Brands:

Our aftermarket custom forged aluminum wheels come in a variety of sizes; 19.5 in, 20 in, 22 in, 22.5 in, 24 in, 26 in. We are brand agnostic and make wheels for every major automaker trucks: Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, HumVee, GMC, Honda, Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota. Diesel or regular, single or dually, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Because every one of our wheels is custom configured, you don’t have to worry about your pickup truck, SUV or jeep wheel configuration. Whether it’s a super single (
5 lug (
6 lug (
8 lug (
dually direct bolt on (
dually with an adapter (
or super single with an adapter (
our custom wheel configuration will ensure a precise fit.


if you’ve ever been to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, you’ll know that our wheels are the most popular for designers, mechanics, shops and garages that specialize in aftermarket custom trucks.

Your Ride:

Whether you have one ride, or multiple rides, we can accommodate your vehicles. Customizing your truck is a very personal process and it lets the world know you take great care and pride in your truck. If you prefer to use spacers, or direct bolt on, we’ll be happy to satisfy your wheel and rim needs.


Some of our clients prefer to purchase wheels and tires together. We have wheel and tire packages that can provide you a discount, and ensure a perfect fit every time. Some of our clients prefer the most well regarded tire brands: Sumitomo tires, Nitto tires, Toyo tires, Pirelli tires, Interco tires, Falken tires, and General tires.
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