Kenworth shifting hard, How to replace air pressure regulator on an Eaton Fuller auto shift

Kenworth shifting hard, How to replace air pressure regulator on an Eaton Fuller auto shift

Welcome back to DIY SEMI.

Here we have a Kenworth t660 with an Eaton fuller auto shift that is having a hard time shifting. The truck just had a new clutch put in. And while it was out, a full inspection. This air regulator should probably be serviced about every 500,000 miles according to the manual. We test drove the truck after replacing it and it shifts properly now.
It was not hard to replace. Just a tight spot and dirty. Use safety glasses and make sure the truck frame is supported so it doesn’t settle down on you.
It is definately a do it yourself type project.
semi truck air dryer filter replacement

Freightliner HVAC blower motor. troubleshooting, diagnosis, repair

Freightliner HVAC blower motor. troubleshooting, diagnosis, repair

#hvac #blowermotor #blowerfan

Welcome to the DIY Semi channel.
In this video I’ll show you how to fix a non working blower motor.
If your blower motor goes out, it could be the motor, a fuse,relay, or the motor itself.
I had some problems along the way and almost gave up on it. But I was determined to figure this out.
I learned some valuable lessons along the way. So if you stay tuned all the way through, you won’t make the same mistakes I did. Which will save you time and aggravation.

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large semi truck repair

Cab shock replacement on a semi truck

Cab shock replacement on a semi truck

#cabshocks #shocks #diy

After hitting a railroad crossing where the road apparently heaved in Indiana, it was time to replace the cab shocks. It took me about 15 minutes per side. The shocks themselves are about $40 a piece.
Your back and neck will thank you.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. I’ve received some good feedback and it feels great that I have been able to help a few people. Please continue to like and share these videos so more people can benefit.
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We FIXED A MONSTER Truck Ford F-350 on 53" Tires

We FIXED A MONSTER Truck Ford F-350 on 53" Tires

Our friends at Wichita Material Recovery offered to let us use their monster lifted Ford F-350 if we fixed the leaky hydroboost on the brakes. The parts were sitting there with so I said of course we’ll fix it. What could be cooler than driving around a 1 ton truck that’s taller than most semi-trucks? The 6.0L Powerstroke has been bulletproofed, it has a 10″ custom built lift, 3″ body lift, 53″ tires on 20″ Rockstars, and a complete sound system.

Thank You To Wichita Material Recovery For Loaning Us This Truck:

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Resurrecting A 225 Dodge Slant Six – Engine Power S2, E2

Resurrecting A 225 Dodge Slant Six - Engine Power S2, E2

On this episode of Engine Power, the team resurrects and hot rods Mopar’s indestructible 6 cylinder – the bulletproof 225 Dodge Slant Six.

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DIY Tire Repair – Fix your own flat FAST!

DIY Tire Repair - Fix your own flat FAST!

Tire shops may fix your tire the “right” way, only to have the repair fail miles later. Check out the old school tried and true way to fix your own flat at home, on the side of the road, at your favorite sporting event, anniversary, or wherever you want!
semi tire repair