When I CHANGE my CUMMINS FILTERS. This video talks about when I change my Cummins Filters. There really is not a right or wrong time to change filters like your fuel filter or transmission filter. It’s all preference and based on your trucks performance or your driving habits and what you do with your truck. Your owners manual will give specific time frames for changing filters, but a lot of guys change filters when they feel it is needed. Oil filters are typically all about the same time frame. Powerstroke and Duramax trucks may vary a little in how often you change filters due to different configurations. I would assume that all diesel trucks are roughly around the same filter changing schedule. If you work your truck on a daily basis and drive it hard then you may like to change transmission filter, fuel filter, and oil filter a little sooner than some other people choose to change them all. 20-30k miles for your transmission filter change (once a year is a habit i get into for changing it). 5000 miles for your oil filter, and every 10-14000 miles for your fuel filter. fass/airdog filters change every 10k miles. There are different signs and symptoms to let you know if your cummins or diesel truck filters need to be changed any sooner.As stated before, this is when I choose to change my 2nd gen 24 valve cummins filters. There are a few things that you can do to your transmission (47re/48re) while you have the transmission pan off it to change the filter and fluid. I will go over those things in another video and talk more about the cummins 47re/48re transmission. What filter brands do you all use, and how often do you change your cummins oil filter, fuel filter, and transmission filter? Holset HX35 turbo rebuild/upgrade should be happening tonight.

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Here is a list of parts that I use on my 01 24 Valve Cummins:

XD Misfit Rims:
Goodyear Duratracs:
Governor Solenoid/ Filter Kit:
Big Honkin Air Filter:
Mopar Oil Filter:
Rotella 15w40 Oil:
Rotella 5w40 Oil:
Auxbeam f-16 L.E.D. head lights:
L.E.D. Reverse Lights:
Auxbeam 3′ L.E.D. Pods:
Donaldson Filters:
BD Diesel Noise Isolator:
Interior LED bulbs:
Smoked Cab Lights:
3m Stripe Off Wheel:
Grille Emblem:
Door Badges
Bilstein 5100 Shocks:
Water Pump:

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What Is Engine Braking? What Is A Jake Brake?

What Is Engine Braking? What Is A Jake Brake?

What Is Engine Braking? What Is A Jake Brake?
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How does engine braking work? How do you engine brake with a manual transmission? How does a jake brake work? How do diesel cars engine brake? This video will look at gasoline engine braking (through creating a vacuum after the throttle body), and diesel engine braking. Diesel engines have two main forms of engine braking, exhaust brakes and jake brakes, which open the exhaust valve when the compression stroke is close to TDC.

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The Tank Boot – Go to thetankboot.com to order!

The Tank Boot - Go to thetankboot.com to order!

The Tank Boot is a new anti-theft device for use on semi trucks with exposed fuel tanks. It is the most affordable, most durable device of it’s kind on the market today. For just $90 with lock, The Tank Boot can help protect an OTR driver’s most valuable investment – his fuel.
go to www.thetankboot.com to order.
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