How to remove a stuck, rusty or damaged flare nut or line nut.

How to remove a stuck, rusty or damaged flare nut or line nut.

In this Live video: I am showing my go-to method for removing seized flare nuts commonly found on brake and fuel lines. I’m demonstrating on a 1984 Corvette C4 throttle body fuel line.
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Commercial Tire Installation using Hand-Pump for Unmounted Tires | Ride-On TPS – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

Commercial Tire Installation using Hand-Pump for Unmounted Tires | Ride-On TPS

Check out US Trailer Rental


Check out US Trailer Rental


Ride-On Tire Sealant installation instruction video for using hand pump to install Ride-On into commercial truck tires that are unmounted. Ride-On TPS tire sealants for trucks (Commercial High Speed Formula – CHS) is designed to make any tire into a self sealing tire, balance the tires without the need for wheel weights, and help extend tire life. Ride-On TPS seals punctures, eliminates flat tires and blowouts, and reduces porosity air loss.

Learn more at or shop directly at


Check out US Trailer Rental




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Sugar in the Gas tank is a notorious way to ruin a car. Does it actually work, or is it just a pervasive urban legend? Bart explores the science of dissolving things before we try to find out. We dump 4 lbs of Sugar in the tank of a truck and run it at 3000 RPM to find our what find out what happens!

Bart teaches us how cars work by blowing stuff up and cutting things in half. It’s a science show for the car lover who’s easily bored. Join Bart as he explains the science behind everything automotive. This is cars down to the atom. This is Science Garage.

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semi truck fuel tank repair

Mini Truck info, what to look for, buy and get it home on 5×10 trailer HiJet (Part 1)

Mini Truck info, what to look for, buy and get it home on 5x10 trailer HiJet (Part 1)

I pad $4500….
I decided to make the purchase on a Dihatzu Hijet (CORRECTION does not translates to midget in Japanese) Climber Mini-truck, this one is a 1992, 7th Gen, S83P, 660cc Minitruck. The “climber” means it has rear axle lock. Amir has about 60 units in stock, he was very helpful.
Researching online I did find l lot of information, but Amir explains a LOT more than I knew, he has been in the business for 15 years. Plus if Bubbles in Trailer Park Boys has one, it HAS to be cool!
Don’t forget you’re buying a used vehicle, check it all out, they’re over 25 years old! Some are in much better shape than others. Check for leaks, CV boots ripped, Loose suspension, Clutch slippage, clunks etc. Just like any used vehicle
S839 specs:
660cc 4 vavle 3 cyl engine 48-53hp carburated
weight: 1500 lbs
length 10’8″ (128″). width 4’6″ (54″) w/o mirrors. Height 5’10” (70″)
Load capacity 800 lbs

I purchased mine at Boeki USA, has their updated inventory. Ask for Amir and tell them MOTOCHEEZ sent you!
East coast 212-729-8293
West coast 360-990-7770

I know there may be other videos of this.. but this is my Cheezy style!

More info (Wikipedia):
The Daihatsu Hijet (Japanese: ダイハツハイゼット) is a cabover microvan and pickup truck produced and sold by the Japanese automaker Daihatsu since 1960. Despite the similarities between the Hijet name and Toyota’s naming scheme for its trucks and vans (Hiace and Hilux), the name “Hijet” has been in use for Daihatsu’s Kei trucks and Microvans since 1960, over two decades before Toyota took control. “Hijet”, when transliterated into Japanese, is very similar to “Midget”, one of Daihatsu’s other mini-trucks. The Hijet competes in Japan with the Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi Minicab, Suzuki Carry and the Nissan Clipper.

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🇸🇪Cheap fix: Volvo 240 Battery Cables & Tray

🇸🇪Cheap fix: Volvo 240 Battery Cables & Tray

🇸🇪 Using store bought parts, I compiled a list of what you”ll need to replace your Volvo 240 battery tray and cables.

The cheaper method, of course, being junkyard parts. Except for the tray; U-Pull-It wants $10 for a battery tray, AutoZone only $5.

📷 Instagram: @MrDavidBello

#Volvo240 #DavidBello
semi truck battery replacement

How To Keep Your Vehicle’s Tires Looking Amazing

How To Keep Your Vehicle's Tires Looking Amazing

Testing out the new Tire Armor from Adam’s Polishes. This is a semi-permanent tire shine, meaning it will last a lot longer than your standard water or oil based tire dressings.

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Detailing Items in this Video:

Adam’s Tire Armor Complete Kit:
Adam’s Tire Armor:
Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner:
Adam’s Wheel Cleaner:
Adam’s Car Shampoo:
Tire (Rubber) Cleaning Brush:
Foam Applicator Brick:
Wheel Woolies:
E-Z Detail Brush:
Lug/Detail Brush:


My Detailing Company!

My Gear I Use To Make Videos:

Camera Body:
Wide Lens:
Photo Lens:
TriPod Mount:
External Mic:
Mic Windscreen:
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semi tires

Heavy Hauling Saco, ME | Ray's Truck Service

Heavy Hauling Saco, ME | Ray's Truck Service

Ray’s Truck Service provides 24hr car and heavy truck towing, heavy duty recovery, mobile truck repair, auto and truck repair, heavy hauling and roadside assistance in Saco, ME and along the I-95 Maine Turnpike in Southern Maine between Portland and Portsmouth.

Call 207-282-0059 for 24hr towing, heavy recovery and heavy hauling services.

24 hr semi truck repair