JNC1224 Jump Starter | Jump Starting Elevator Repair Truck Isuzu NPR With The JNC 12/24 3400 Amp Box

JNC1224 Jump Starter | Jump Starting Elevator Repair Truck Isuzu NPR With The JNC 12/24 3400 Amp Box

Julio here showing you guys how I used the JNC 12/24 jump starter to start this Isuzu NPR Elevator Repair truck. Don’t forget to subscribe and drop a like !! ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔🤘👍💪😎

Using the JNC 1224 jump starter is a good idea when jump-starting bigger trucks as it provides enough power (3400 cold cranking amps) and is easy to use. I also use it on semis, fire trucks, dump trucks, campers, RV’s, you name it.

The JNC 12/24 and JNC 660 are the jump starters I use in this industry and if you are looking to get into it as well I suggest you get this jump pack!

Here are the JNC 12/24 Jump Starter Specifications.

• 3400 Peak Amps – 12V
• 850 Cranking Amps – 12V
• 1700 Peak Amps – 24V
• 425 Cranking Amps – 24V
• 46″ #2 AWG welding cable leads
• Industrial-grade clamps
• Built-in automatic charger
• Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery
• 12VDC outlet to power accessories

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You can purchase your own JNC 12/24 here.


Setting Up The Jump JNC1224 0:00

Red On Red Black On Black 0:12

Hooking Up To JNC1224 0:28

Starting On First Crank 0:42
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LubeZone Thanks You | National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2020

LubeZone Thanks You | National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2020

THANK YOU to all of the drivers that KEEP AMERICA MOVING!

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2021 Ford Bronco – Complete Look At The New Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco - Complete Look At The New Bronco

Full story here:

Bronco Sport First Look Video:

It’s back! After years of spy shots, teasers, and leaks the 2021 #FordBronco is finally here. Packing tons of new technology and modularity, the new #Bronco has its sights aimed right at the Jeep Wrangler. The question is whether or not the Bronco can dethrone the Wrangler as the undisputed off-road king.
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Big semi Truck Tires Repair /How is harvested old tire Repairs

Big semi  Truck Tires Repair /How is harvested old tire Repairs

In this video you will see. How is the harvested old tires repair in Pakistan, big tractor tires repair. Tire punchere repairing Shop.

I Hope you All are Well.
Viewers Garmi ka mosam ha ya Dumpers 40,45 ton load Cary kurta ha. Jo ka in tires ke limits sa bohat zayada ha jis wja sa Bohat zayada tires Blast ho jata ha ya Expired ho jata ha. Transporters ka is wqat sub sa bra Kurcha Tires ka ha. Boarder bnd hona ke wja sa Tires ni mil ray or jo tire 55,60ka tah ab vo 90,95 ka mil rha ha. Jo ka bohat zayada ha. Govt. Ko chia ka Apna bnay hua X L load Ka Qanoun pa Amal kurwaya.
Allah Hafiz
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MY SUMMER TIRES ❄ almost on – Angelica Larsson

MY SUMMER TIRES ❄ almost on - Angelica Larsson

yessss, late as usual when it comes to important stuff 😂
was going to change my tires from winter to summer, but I wasn’t strong enough and I didn’t have enough tools to change them today ☹ on Saturday I’m going to change them with my dad instead 🥰 so this is a 2 part video 😍 enjoy 💜

Vosai – Love of my life
Anna Yvette – Red line
Roy – Breathe me in
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Introducing: Utility Keystone's Mobile Service Team

Introducing: Utility Keystone's Mobile Service Team

Have you met our Mobile Service Team yet?

We’re all facing some challenges right now, but our Mobile Service Team is here to help you tackle all your semi-trailer repair and maintenance challenges. Take advantage of our team working on-sight to get your equipment back on the road or our free pick-up and delivery service.

Let us lend a hand in:

-reefer maintenance
-brakes & suspensions
-preventative maintenance
-damage repair
-and anything else you may need

Now servicing the Carlisle area too!

How can we serve you?


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A/C won't work – Easy test, Easy fix – Air Conditioning Clutch Cycling Switch

A/C won't work - Easy test, Easy fix - Air Conditioning Clutch Cycling Switch

In this video, I show you a few simple tests I used to narrow down the problem causing my air conditioning not to work on my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer Extended. Turns out I was low on refrigerant and had a bad A/C Clutch Cycle Switch. I added some r-134a refrigerant, but the A/C clutch kept kicking on and going off repeatedly. So, I replaced the clutch switch, and now the A/C works perfectly. No more “Off and on, off and on.”

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#diy #fixingAC #thedaninator
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DIY Gear Swap – GM/AAM 9.5" Axle – Reckless Wrench Garage

DIY Gear Swap - GM/AAM 9.5" Axle - Reckless Wrench Garage

We’ve decided to bring you our own version of a ‘how-to’ video.
If you’re rebuilding or re-gearing a GM/AAM 9.5″ rear axle (same as a 12 bolt and semi-float 14 bolt) this video may be of use to you.
This video format assumes the viewer already has some general knowledge of what it takes to install a set of gear in an axle.

*Ring Gear Torque – 75 ft lbs
*Bearing Caps – 80 ft lbs
*Pinion Bearing Preload –
15 – 22 in lbs with new bearings
7 – 9 in lbs with used bearings
*Backlash – .006″ – .010″

For break-in procedures, check out this video from Yukon Gear and Axle.

Let us know if this video actually helped, or if it was the worst possible how-to video you have EVER watched.


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