How to Plug a Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit

How to Plug a Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit

How to Plug a Car Tire Puncture. A demonstration of how to use an automotive tire repair kit to make a repair to a hole in a tire caused by a nail or screw. A screw is removed and the tire is plugged. Leak testing & follow-up air pressure checks are discussed.

Tooluxe Tire Repair Kit:

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A MUST have… Tire Repair Kit! Fix Your Flat Tire!

A MUST have... Tire Repair Kit! Fix Your Flat Tire!

I’m always thinking about being prepared when traveling and decided to check out this tire repair kit from MATCC. Looks pretty easy to do. I’m going to have to search for a use tire to make flat

get the cool tire repair kit here

buy the Viair 88p here:
50 cal ammo can

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Top 10 New Semi Trucks for the Most Extreme Freight Hauling Tasks

Top 10 New Semi Trucks for the Most Extreme Freight Hauling Tasks

Trucks are the backbone of cargo transportation in the world with nearly 60 percent of all freight being carried across countries and continents by tireless drivers day and night.

To acknowledge their hard work, in this episode we would like to show you some of the newest and most impressive workhorses among the biggest class 8 semi trucks that pull tens of thousands of tons on the highways to make sure that our stores and warehouses are always full of stuff. In the video we will focus our attention on the tractor’s capabilities, cab configurations, interior designs and prices!

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All of the vehicles mentioned in this episode of the #AT_Trucks series:

Western Star 5700XE:

The Western Star Trucks Sales, Inc. is an American manufacturer headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The newest one from the bunch is the 5700XE which has been on the road since 2015 and is specced for the highway use.

Renault T Trucks:

The Renault T range of trucks first saw the world in 2013 as a follow up model to the Renault Magnum, even though technically it is based on the design of the Volvo FH. The company’s flagship is designed for long distance international trunk routes.

Peterbilt 579 Ultraloft:

Maintaining the distinctive styling of the Peterbilt range, the new 579 Ultraloft model is designed to offer more comfort and interior space to the driver. It features an integrated 80-inch sleeper that was developed taking into consideration the feedback collected from experienced long-haul drivers.

MAN TGX EvoLion:

MAN’s TG range has been on the market since 2000 succeeding F, L and M 2000 series. The most capable truck from the bunch is the TGX behemoth which is entering its second generation in 2019 bringing in a completely redesigned cab, Euro 6 compliant lineup of engines, more driver’s assistance.

Mercedes-Benz Actros:

2019 Mercedes-Benz Actros gets several visual and technological updates. Among them is the new rear-view camera system called the MirrorCam, the 2-display cockpit and the Active Drive Assist system that allows for semi-automated driving at all speeds.

Freightliner New Cascadia:

2020 Freightliner New Cascadia is the company’s current flagship model that belongs to the 8 weight class and comes equipped with Level 2 autonomy tech and enhanced Detroit Assurance 5.0 safety features.

Kenworth W990:

2019 Kenworth W990 is the brand’s new flagship model that is based on its longest-running W900 class 8 truck. The long-hauler has the classic Kenworth styling but gets a more personalized character, new luxury finishes, and much-needed amenities.

Volvo VNL:

Volvo VNL range of premium long-haulers consists of 5 semi-truck options suited for different types of work and is made exclusively for the North American market.

Volvo FH:

Volvo FH is a long-hauler truck that shares a lot of features with its American cousin VNL, but is a much more modest model in terms of cabin specifications. It is available with 3 engine options, and the most powerful FH16 model with 16.1L 6-cylinder is rated at 100-120 tons GWC.

International LT:

Navistar International is an American holding has been selling trucks all the way since 1914, when it was still known as International Harvester Company. Their heavy duty tractors LT Series was introduced in 2017 as a replacement to the ProStar.
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Adjusting air brakes l How to Adjust air brake Adjuster Air brake brake setting l Malayalam

Adjusting air brakes l How to Adjust air brake Adjuster  Air brake brake setting l Malayalam

An air brake or, more formally, a compressed air brake system, is a type of friction brake for vehicles in which compressed air pressing on a piston is used to apply the pressure to the brake pad needed to stop the vehicle. Air brakes are used in large heavy vehicles, particularly those having multiple trailers which must be linked into the brake system, such as trucks, buses, trailers, and semi-trailers, in addition to their use in railroad trains. George Westinghouse first developed air brakes for use in railway service. He patented a safer air brake on March 5, 1872. Westinghouse made numerous alterations to improve his air pressured brake invention, which led to various forms of the automatic brake. In the early 20th century, after its advantages were proven in railway use, it was adopted by manufacturers of trucks and heavy road vehicles.
air brake using vehicles
swaraj Mazda
ashok Leyland…
automobile air brake vehicles using slack adjusters
automatic slack adjuster (brake adjuster)
manual slack adjuste
Brake Adjusters
Slack adjusters (also called brake adjusters or just “slacks”) regulate the distance that the air brake has to travel to apply friction to the wheel. This distance increases as use of the brake causes the friction material of the brake shoe to wear away. When the brake is used, the operating rod pushes out on the slack adjuster which then turns the S-cam. The S-cam pushes the brake shoes apart which applies friction and slows the vehicle. Without this function, the air brake can become out of adjustment and the vehicle may lose its capability to slow or stop consistently.

When you need to replace your slack adjusters, it is very important to find the correct part that matches your equipment to ensure a safely operating braking system. It’s easy to find the correct replacement slack adjusters for your truck, tractor or trailer. First, the type of slack adjuster should be considered. Slack adjusters are available in two types: manual slack adjusters and automatic slack adjusters.
adjusting air brake, air brake adjustment, air brake setting
how to adjust air brake, air brake setting
semi truck air brake chamber replacement

How to Clean up Frame Rust on a Budget

How to Clean up Frame Rust on a Budget

Video tutorial on how to clean up a rusty frame on a budget. Unfortunately the fender areas on this truck, both the front and rear seems to have the majority of rust with minimal frame paint left. Being that this truck was used in the country, the previous owner drove down quite a few gravel roads, which can basically sandblast any paint or finish off the existing metal components. Currently this truck also gets driven down gravel roads doing to the dump, so again it’s not really helping out this situation. Considering we live in a climate which has high humidity and we also experience winter, this type of environment promotes rust.

OEMTools surface sander:
Google Plus:

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-wax and grease remover
-clean rags
-farm equipment implement paint
-paint brush
-wire brush
-air powered surface sander
-air compressor
-sanding pads and discs
-oil spray rust preventative
-spray on rust converter

-remove any parts which will allow you to get easier access to rusty components
-wash the area using a degreaser to help remove any contaminants
-using a ball-peen hammer, lightly hit the surface of the frame to remove any scaling
-a mix between a wire brush and scraper can also be used to remove any rust scaling as well
-next grinding down the surface to remove the rest of the rust, here I am using a small portable air surface sander to remove the surface rust
-first starting out with an 80 to 120 grit abrasive pad
-a mask should also be used as this process can get quite dusty
-once satisfied, a majority of the rust should have been removed and then you can switch up to a 220 grit sanding disc
-switch up to 320 grit sandpaper as a final abrasive
-considering there is still rust pitting, this can be hard to clean so this will be chemically treated instead
-blow off the area using the air compressor to remove a majority of the dust from sanding
-give the area a wipe down using a wax and grease remover
-apply paper and tape to the areas you do not want painted and protected from overspray
-give the area another wipe down using a wax and grease remover
-using a spray on rust converter, follow the instructions as all products have different application processes and apply it to the frame
-allow the rust converter to dry
-apply a paint of your choice
-for this I was using a farm equipment implement paint which can be brushed or sprayed onto the frame
-if you can, it’s best to apply this on a cooler day
-if you have a softer brush, you’ll get a smoother finish but due to the rougher surface, the brush may not last as long
-I do not recommend using a tar or rubberized coating as they can trap moisture which can cause rusting
-the next day I was able to reassemble the suspension as the paint was hard enough
-allow the paint to cure for a couple weeks and try to keep it responsibly clean
-once that paint has cured, as an added step I have applied a rust protective coating
-rust protective coatings can be either an oil or wax spray which helps repel water and moisture
-spray the coating inside the frame if possible and on the outside
-cardboard, plastic, or a tarp can be used to prevent any oil drips on your driveway
-do not apply an excessive amount where it can run off the frame
-after dust sticks to the coating, additional layers can be applied

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How To Fix This – Patch A Tire – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

How To Fix This - Patch A Tire

Check out US Trailer Rental


Check out US Trailer Rental


In this video I’ll show you how to fix a hole in your tire with a tire patch kit. As mentioned in the previous video I don’t carry a spare tire because my tires are just too big. So I have to carry the necessary tools to repair and patch a tire from the inside out. Follow along as I show you how it’s done!

Some Tire Repair Tools You might want to get:

Racing Jack:
HiLift Jack:
Long Tire Spoons:
Onboard Air Powertank:
or Viair:
Tire Plug Kit:
The plug kit I use:
Rubber Cement:
Tire Patches Large:
Roller Tool:
Air Die Grinder:
Buffing Wheel:

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