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Damn Super Single Tires

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Hello, My name is Dave I drive a gasoline tanker truck by day, and play a know it all YouTuber by nite. I will bring you along as I do whatever it is im doing that day. I work for what I think is a really good company here in southwest Virginia, although every place has its problems I really enjoy working here! I am Training for the 2012 cycling season. I plan on competing in 4 – 5 cycling events and 2 or so 5k running races. Follow me over the next 5 months as i get back into competition shape, and then compete in the upcoming 2012 season! I am 36 years old, and I plan on living longer than my dad, and his dad did as they died at 57 and 56 years old. Come along with me as I train the best way I know how, and offer tips, tricks, and motivation to be a better, healthier person. I hope you will support me, and offer tips, and motivation along the way. Just for the record I am 168pds, and 6′ 0″ tall. I would like to gain no more than 10pds in lean muscle as to much weight will be counter productive for cycling. Well please sub if you have not yet, and please, please, please, leave me some comments! I would also love to see some video responses, and or some viewers voice videos in response to these training vlogs you know if I am doing something wrong make a vid how to do it right, and send it to my drop box, go to travelingeagle.com click contact me and I will invite you thanks guys lets get it started.

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If you want to take control of your life you must first fuel up on the knowledge needed to do the job! Take action today or dont complain about it tomorrow! You are the only one with the power to improve or hold you down!


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