2020 Mercedes Actros Semi Truck Sideguard and Safety Features

2020 Mercedes Actros Semi Truck Sideguard and Safety Features

On 7 November 2019 the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Safety Dialogue was held, where experts from politics and business, and from Dekra Accident Research and the General Bicycle Association of Germany e.V. discussed innovative solutions for further improving road safety in connection with trucks for all road users. Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented the new Actros to show just what level of safety is possible on the roads, and what the manufacturer is doing in pursuit of their vision of accident-free driving: for the Stuttgart-based engineers, this path includes cutting-edge active safety systems – which are now on the roads in high numbers. From January 2020, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will equip its heavy model series with the latest generation emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition (ABA 5) Europe-wide as standard. Also, Sideguard Assist from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which has been on the market since 2016, is now not only available ex works but also for retrofitting.

It delivers goods straight to the production line, enables house moves all across Europe, picks up our bins and ensures our fridges are kept stocked: the truck. It’s almost impossible to imagine what life would look like without it. As long as everything goes well, everyone is happy. But if a truck is involved in an accident it’s a different matter. In the worst case, the commercial vehicle becomes a vessel that can cause vast human suffering and thus high subsequent costs – both for those directly involved in the accident and also for transport and freight companies. So the message has to be: ensure the highest possible level of safety from the manufacturer’s side.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has always been a pioneer in the industry in this respect. The corporation has invested billions of euros per year in research and development, for assistance systems to give even more support to drivers in their work and increase safety for all road users.

“Our safety assistance systems make an important contribution towards avoiding accidents which is why we aim to bring a great number of them to the roads. If we automatically equip every new Actros with our state-of-the-art emergency braking system starting in the coming year, this number will continue to increase – automatically with every new truck,” affirms Stefan Buchner, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

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semi truck road service

2020 Mercedes Actros -The BEST SAFETY TRUCK (Assistance Systems)

2020 Mercedes Actros -The BEST SAFETY TRUCK (Assistance Systems)

2020 Mercedes-Benz Actros The Best Safety Truck (Assistance Systems)
Mercedes-Benz Trucks drives forward truck safety: new systems and intensive dialogue with all participants

Active Brake Assist 5 – as effective at the tail end of a traffic jam as in pedestrian detection

For years, a large proportion of accidents involving heavy-duty freight vehicles have concerned collisions in parallel traffic: accidents in which a truck collides with a preceding or stationary vehicle due to the driver’s distraction, too short a distance to the vehicle in front or failure to adjust the vehicle speed, for example. Active Brake Assist (ABA) of the fifth generation, the latest highlight in a long series of continued logical developments of the automatic emergency braking assist systems from Mercedes-Benz Trucks, can for the most part prevent such accidents within the system limits.
Semi-automated driving with Active Drive Assist

Active Drive Assist (ADA) also represents a milestone in safety – a system which, in the case of the new Actros for the first time worldwide in a production truck, allows partially automated driving according to level 2 of automated driving. Under certain preconditions it actively supports the driver in the longitudinal and lateral guidance of the truck and can automatically maintain the following distance, accelerate and steer if the necessary system conditions such as sufficient curve radius or clearly visible road markings are met. In other words, the perfect synthesis of safety and comfort.
Another world première: the new MirrorCam for better all-around visibility

A big problem for many truck drivers is monitoring all aids for indirect visibility from the vehicle. Keeping six mirrors and three windows in view at the same time, in addition to complex road traffic, can be overtaxing in some situations. To relieve the driver in this task, in both the new Actros and the Arocs with MirrorCam a camera system replaces the conventional main and wide-angle mirrors for the first time in a production truck. As standard equipment, the system operates exclusively with two digital cameras attached on the right and left to the roof frame and two 15-inch displays.
Sideguard Assist available from Mercedes-Benz Trucks ex works or as a retrofit solution has been further improved in the new Actros

The problem has already been addressed in connection with the MirrorCam: right-turn manoeuvring in urban traffic. In front, the driver has to pay attention to traffic lights and road signs as well as oncoming and cross traffic, while at the same time keeping an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists to the left and right. Unprotected road users are often not aware that a truck driver may not see them in certain situations, however. Added to that is the problem that heavy-duty trucks with a large wheelbase or trailer have turning characteristics not always easily understood by cyclists: before turning, trucks first drive straight ahead into the intersection, in order to allow for the following characteristics of the semi-trailer or trailer.
semi truck road service

Semi Autonomous Truck drive with the new Freightliner Cascadia 5.0 Assistance Systems

Semi Autonomous Truck drive with the new Freightliner Cascadia 5.0 Assistance Systems

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the all-new Freightliner Cascadia 5.0 with its Assistance Systems, making it a Level 2 Autonomous driving truck.

#Daimler #Freightliner #FreightlinerCascadia

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semi truck road service

Mercedes Benz Actros | Remove/install compressor

Mercedes Benz Actros | Remove/install compressor

Model 930, 932, 933, 934, 950, 950.5, 950.6, 952, 953, 954

1,5,This video shows the repair of the|compressed air system on the new Actros.||
6,9,Operations have to be performed |on both air compressors.||
10,15,Here, the operations are performed on |a freestanding engine for better viewing.||
16,18,First remove the following parts:|||
19,28,resonance head, intake manifold, downpipe,|exhaust manifold, compressor line, …||
29,33,… the two coolant lines (feed and return),|oil line, supply line, …||
34,36,… detach the AdBlue timer |from the compressor.||
37,43,If there is a problem with the horizontal|air compressor, assembly is performed in the|same way as on the vertical air compressor.|
44,47,There are two options for removing|the compressors:||
48,50,Option 1: Both are removed.|||
51,53,In this case, make sure that|the parts do not get mixed up.||
54,58,Option 2: First one compressor is removed |and reinstalled and then the other.||
59,62,With the last variant, |no parts can get mixed up.||
63,66,For this reason, the second and |safer variant is shown here.||
67,73,Start at the cylinder head – in this case|on the vertical compressor.||
74,80,Unscrew the cap from the TDC hole.|||
81,90,The turning device can then |be fitted to the timing case.||
95,100,When turning, make sure that the engine|turns in the correct direction.||
101,108,If the piston is not at the|top dead center position:||
109,115,Turn the turning device until|the piston reaches TDC.||
116,124,Detach the cylinder liner.|||
127,129,Then detach the seal.|||
130,138,Wipe off the grease before|installing the new seal.||
139,146,The cylinder liner and air compressor|piston can now be replaced.||
147,149,New tools are available for|the installation:||
150,168,Piston ring compressor pliers and two piston|ring compressor bands in different sizes.||
171,181,These tools were specially developed |to simplify piston installation.||
182,187,The piston ring compressor band can |easily be held with the new piston ring |compressor pliers.|
188,208,In addition, the compressor band |can be easily adjusted to the piston.||
211,222,Mount the cylinder head.|||
224,226,Fasten the four bolts |on the cylinder head.||
227,236,Tighten the bolts to 20 Nm in the first stage,|and to 40 Nm in the second stage.||
237,240,The horizontal compressor is removed|in the same way as the vertical compressor.||
241,248,Installation is shown next.|||
249,252,The horizontal angle makes|installation more difficult.||
253,264,The cylinder liner also |makes things difficult.||
278,284,Adjust the new seal precisely|to the cylinder liner.||
284,292,Otherwise, the bolts which fix the cylinder |head and cylinder liner to the timing case |will not fit through the holes.|
293,302,First tighten the four bolts on the cylinder |head to 20 Nm and then to 40 Nm |in the second stage.|
303,307,The remaining parts are installed|in reverse order.||
308,312,Finally, remove the turning device|from the timing case.||
313,319,The repair of the compressed air system|is thus complete.||
semi truck air compressor repair