Wheelbase and Ratios for Semi Trucks. Episode 47

Wheelbase and Ratios for Semi Trucks. Episode 47

Hey Truckers! This topic was requested by a subscriber: what’s an ideal wheelbase and ratio, and what exactly do these numbers mean? Tune in as we discuss this and share what our preferred wheelbase is and what the benefits are and why they change for the different type of hauling you are doing.

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XY Shifter Explained. Semi Truck Automatic Manual Transmission Problems

XY Shifter Explained. Semi Truck Automatic Manual Transmission Problems

Hey all! We discuss what an Automatic Manual Transmission is with an X-Y Shifter! If you have never heard about them – tune in! If you have seen them listed with a semi truck and do not know what it means – tune in 😉

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Air Brake Relay Valve on Volvo Truck FM 440 – Air Braking System

Air Brake Relay Valve on Volvo Truck FM 440 - Air Braking System

Air Brake Relay Valve on Volvo Truck FM 440 – Air Braking System. How It Works ??

Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings.
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In this video, I will explain one component of the Air Brake System on Volvo FM 440, the Relay Valve.

On Volvo FM 440, the Relay Valve is used for “Relay Valve Parking Circuit” and “Relay Valve Front Circuit”.
So both components are used the same.

On this Relay Valve there is a sign (code number) on each hole.

1 = Input (Supply) of air from the Parking Tank

2 = Output (Delivery) of air to the Brake Chamber on the Parking side

3 = Evacuation (Drain)

4 = Air signal from “Hand Parking Brake”

For more details, see the video until the end ..

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Driving Volvo's electric semi truck

Driving Volvo's electric semi truck

Volvo’s first electric Class-8 truck is coming later this year, but we get to take it for an early spin in California.

Written & Presented By: Andrew Krok
Produced By: Evan Lee Miller

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H/T vs A/T vs M/T tested – The best type of tire for your SUV / Pickup truck?

H/T vs A/T vs M/T tested - The best type of tire for your SUV / Pickup truck?

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Ever wondered what the best type of tire is to fit to your pickup truck? We can probably all agree that MT tyres look the coolest, but what drawbacks are you making by fitting an M/T tyre, then spending all your time on normal roads?

In this test, I team up with General Tire to test a HT road tire, a mild all terrain tire, an aggressive AT tire, and of course a chunky MT tire in both 265/70 R17 and LT315/70 R17 sizes.

As for what tyres are best for your own driving conditions? Watch the video to find out.

The tires in this test:

General GRABBER A/T x
General GRABBER X3

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Тешилган балонни ямаш. UZB Truckers in USA

Тешилган балонни ямаш. UZB Truckers in USA

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