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  1. u need to get to know the inspection laws . Plastic valve stem covers are not a violation just so u know . calif dot inspector 4 15 yrs . in trucking 4 40 years .

  2. Brother it's not about safety Their revenue collectors for the state Even though you got a warning check your CSA score Check out this video about a DOT level one inspectionhttps://youtu.be/8kCk-CJ5JUM

  3. Highway Pirates a good cop is in a body bag being lowered six feet underground with his teenage kids watching that's a good day

  4. Just use engine decreaser every month to keep you motor looking tidy for picky dot dudes.

  5. You said you never met a driver who didnt have a cop say everything is perfect no flaws during an inspection but…..

    One time in Marryland on route 213, a rookie cop maybe 20 to 25 years old pulled me over and said I'm going to do an inspection on ya, I said ok.

    He got in front of my truck and had me flip on my left turn signal and said you pass 🤣.

  6. If you looked like that when he pulled you over ? And u had a ragged looking truck ? Know wonder he inspected You!

  7. With this COVID-19 Stuff the states are loosing revenue, thry have generate it somehow. Keeo your head up, thanks for being out there.

  8. OK…. I got to about 2:55. did I hear that correctly , the DOT. ( department of taxation ) guy pulled you over for a random inspection ? I do not know what state you are in, but I will assume the United States . They ARE NOT ALLOWED to pull you over for a random inspection , they MUST have a reason,,, like seeing a violation. That is the law of the land , the supreme court is very clear on random police ( or government agency,s for that matter ) The reason SCOTUS rulled on that , if you can believe it or not , when police used "there instinct,s " for random stops, they pulled over a whole lot of blacks and Latino,s They (SCOTUS ) affirmed peoples 4th amendment right while out on the road . NEVER GIVE PERMISSION TO HAVE YOUR TRUCK INSPECTED . Do not interfere with , but you are not required to help them…. turning on lights, activating brakes etc. Possessing a CDL does NOT give them permission to violate your rights . If they order ( not ask ) you to comply then you can use that in court to prove THEY are breaking the law and violating your rights.

  9. they run the fmcsa and dot as a corporation to steal as much money from the trucks as possible?


  11. Was it at the end of the month? If so they had to get their quota. I have not yet seen a vehicle that did not have some kind of oil or grease somewhere on the engine. If you have a supposed small leak or uncovered batteries. should cut your break and just give you a warning and get it fixed. Just lot lawyers, some of them just don't care going by the book. Don't use common sense. I know somebody sold your friend a brand new truck, and got pulled over for a cap that was plastic. The manufacturer should be responsible. That vehicle should be roadworthy in. Inspected before it leaves the lot

  12. @12:44 your analysis is right on. This is about money funding these agencies, generating income, robbing smart and hard working guys like you.

  13. Fuck dot them fuckers ain't shit fuck the police and the whole god dam goverment

  14. Hints why I never pull in a scale fuck them bastards

  15. All the things you were cited for sounds like the new crop of Captain planet watchers have started writing the inspection laws We can see your battery acid leaking you bad trucker And oil on the ground from both a PCV And a leaky Power steering pump Those Captain planets don't care if its crud from Crude OE not !! About Power steering loss I experienced it in Louisiana I had gone past the "Truck " entrance about 3-4 entrances looked like that and I saw the sign just above my fender mirror of course I had to go 6 miles to turn around!! My power steering hose blew in mid turn I was turning around where a truck with an excavator was sitting plenty of room and as I said power went suddenly and I was standing in front of my air ride trying to make that wheel turn fast enough luckily the ditch was about the size of a 25 but there was a slight rise after the ditch !! Needless to say I wrecked my catwalk lol blocked off the road for awhile waiting for the tow truck Got somebody else to deliver the trailer while I got my truck fixed at the T/A !! I hung my keys coz of cancer so I feel fortunate I couldn't drive on electronic logs and the Half hour in the first 8 hours !! WELCOME TO THE DOT Dog & Pony circus show !! love truckin' but seems like its changed a lot since the days of twin shifts oh speaking of which with an air splicer don't DOT officers know this would have trouble keeping on the high side if your air system has a leak ??? I trained years and years ago on a freight shaker cabover that I got going pretty fast in the yard got to 6th and my trainer kinda snickered it had an air leak; Why they just kept it on the yard I wasn't supposed to get up to that high a gear Guess I shouldn't have raised my hand I've driven some before lol cousin taught me in his international !! Good video for those that havent experienced the new Revenue Rangers !!

  16. If you're working for a company don't they handle that? You don't pay out of pocket right?

  17. NC i40 east bound mm175-173 they prey on trucks all day long. You stop in that rest area to take a break and heat they come. It’s sad as to what we the people have allowed our government to become.

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