Split Rims Deadly Suicide Rims; Split Ring – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com

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The Diamond T Split Rims were originally designed for combat trucks so that flat tires were easily changed in the field. But due to poor design they became very unstable over time and were quickly labeled “Widow Makers” or Suicide Rims” as a result of the outer rim exploding from the tire during inflation, often resulting in serious injury and even death.

We sent our Split Rings out to a tire service center located in the country since they have experience dealing with farm vehicles that still use these type of Split Ring Rims. Lets watch Mark as he and Keith with KO Tire talk about dangers of these types of rims and watch as they install the repaired tires for the Diamond T.

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14 Replies to “Split Rims Deadly Suicide Rims; Split Ring – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com”

  1. A 73 yr old man ,was just killed -Feb. 27,2017, at the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood,Missouri(St Louis),from airing up a Tire on a 1930s era, Truck,when it exploded. Sad.

  2. You guys dont mention a few things i think you should. Never mount and dismount a tire that is inflated, you inflate AFTER it is mounted and deflate BEFORE you even think about removing it. When removing back the lug nuts off a few turns then smack the wedge with a hammer and the deflated wheel will pop forward being safe to now remove by backing the lug nuts off and removing wedges. the ring goes on the INSIDE towards the center of the hub so the inner ring will face the center of the rim and the outer rim will face the center of the rim. Most of the mechanics killed in the stories did not respect rule #1. i changed on average 8 – 16 of these a day.

  3. Split rims are just split rims. The really dangerous rims are called widowmakers. There are 2 equal halves to the rims with no lock ring. The problem with all of these is; people distort the rim or lock trying to force them apart. Then, the next guy has a distorted lock that won't seat well. I just got a truck with a full set of the 2-piece widowmaker rims. Last time I bought a truck with widowmaker rims, I just let out the air and rolled them over to the scrap pile. Then, I put on splits.

  4. If you are properly trained never a problem, they were used forever on trucks until tubeless tires arrived on the scene.  Most tire shops nowadays won't touch them unless you live in farm country.  trucks shops sometimes will do them but you can tell these kids are scared of them.  accidents I have seen resulted from messing with a broken/defective wheel or welding on the wheel and way over inflation

  5. I use a leather hammer. I quit going to tire shops because they beat them to death with hammer and had no fiinness at all. Clean the groves and paint them. Inflate in a cage or bolted to the truck with the ring pointed in, or under forklift forks and stand out of the way while inflating with the clip on air chuck. If it is a matching ring in good shape and parts are clean and not bent – that ring isn't coming off.

  6. Never had a problem with split rims and have changed hundreds of tyres. If you carry out the procedure the correct way,don't guess and don't cut corners then there is nothing to be scared about. People try to split the rim with pressure in the tyre or loosen the wrong bolts,both easily avoided if the correct procedure is used rather than assumed knowledge. The tyre is best inflated on its side under the rear axle of the truck and with a remote inflater. Rather than going to full pressure it's better to inflate a few psi and check for assembly. Inflate half way and let it sit,have a break and check again. Very few accidents are material failures,they are made to take a beating, but rather human errors.

  7. Great restoration. Those wheels are kind of scary. I think I'd graft a late 80s chev C-20 front end onto it. Add a matching dual wheel setup on the rear. Everything else is pretty close to perfect.

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