Sealing a Water Pump Leak – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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Thought I had a failing water pump but turns out to only be a small leak at the heater core hose.. Lot better than a $350 dollar mechanic bill for a water pump replacement!






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  1. I have a 99 honda accord my water pump is leaking I can't even drive it up the road without it running hot!! Tried Bars Stop Leak didn't work!!!! Do you think I should try this instead???

  2. On my 2000 chevy v8 5.3 it was major leaking suddenly. I removed the old pump it looked very new and it spun nicely. It had 2 aluminum gaskets i believe one blew out.
    The Alumaseal did not seal it and Normally i have 99% good results.(poor mans fix)
    So i got a new pump. I used 2 C clamps on pulley wheel and pipe wrench. Rapp the wrench hard.
    My old pump spins smoothly and no bearing noise.

  3. Sometimes 2 cans needed. I've never had a problem using a "Alumaseal" on water pump full size engines (except for Cadillac)
    if your heater core clogs try reversing the hoses on firewall.
    Old clogged up systems may not work so you will have to start with a chemical flush.
    Also if you loosen the radiator cap it will not pressureize and allows the particles to stick in the pump seal…then after 100s of miles tighten it up.
    And as for Subaru(should be splet S U C K S) the 2.5 box engine is a factory blunder that they supposedly fixed in 2003. As are several other Subarus on newer models.
    Ours continued to over heat so i drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the thermostat.
    We only buy full size chevy now.(since ford ruined 100million engines).

  4. I tried Alumaseal on a 05 honda civic because its leaking from the water pump compartment. At first it was an unsuccessful fix, leak continued and i'm left with a leaking cooling system. $300-350 is way too much money for a water pump replacement. And DIY fix is crazy complicated without access to a shop. But have been using vehicle for local short trips and keeping up with coolant reservoir that needs to be filled practically everyday. Today after 200-250 miles i check coolant reservoir and it's at full level and drove car all day, no leaks. Amazing. Gonna monitor to see continued Alumaseal leak repair. Will post any changes.

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