Recreational Vehicle Trailer Tire Maintenance

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Recreational vehicle trailers come in many shapes and sizes. There are also many different name for RV trailers, such as popup campers, fifth wheel campers and travel trailers. Whilst they may all be different in their shapes and size, one thing is common among them: trailer tires.

Trailer tires are the most important part of any RV trailer. The tires keep the trailer mobile and support the entire weight of the trailer along with its inhabitants. Trailer tires are built for the sole purpose of being used on trailer axle positions only; they do not work on other vehicles.

Choosing the Right Trailer Tire For Your RV

The right tire for your trailer will be either an ST (special trailer) or for heavy loads, an LT (light truck). These special tires are designed for towing trailers. They are built much more solidly compared to regular passenger tires so that they can handle heavy loads. To figure out what kind of loads your tires will require, the easiest method is to check your RV trailer owner's manual for specific recommendations. Failing that, you can easily determine what load range tires you will require by weighing your trailer at full capacity. Divide the weight by the number tires to determine the load range required. Dual configuration trailers should treat their dual tires as a single configuration when determining the load range. For example, if our total RV trailer weighed at at 7000lbs on a 4 tire configuration, than each tire must be able to handle at least 1750lbs. Once you know the load range required, consulting a professional tire dealer is the next step in choosing the right trailer tire.

Trailer Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your trailer tires is a simple process that requires diligence. First thing to do is to check your tires visibility at least once a year if it is not in use. Always check your tires before using your trailer as well. Look for signs of cracking or any wearing down. If there are signs of cracking, it is best to consult a professional tire dealer for more information. When you are not using your trailer, it is best to store your tires away. Keep your tires in a location so that they will not be under sunlight. Sunlight will damage your tires by causing cracks on the sidewalls. Keep your tires off the ground and away from moisture and wind. Look after your tires and make sure you check the air pressure regularly. Air pressure should be checked every day that your trailer is in use. Be sure to check your air pressure before you actually use your RV, otherwise it will give a false air pressure reading.

With these handy hints in mind it is easy to know what kind of tires you require and how to maintain them properly.

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