Powerful brakes

The service brake system on the TGL/TGM is a dual-circuit, pneumatic braking system with constant operating pressure. Brake force is controlled by the EBS electronic braking system. Electronic activation of the wheel brakes reduces the response time — and braking distance is shortened by up to 3 metres.
With the internally vented disc brakes on all axles, the system is able to sustain high peak and continuous braking levels. In particular, this makes it possible to dissipate heat very effectively from the internally vented discs, thereby preventing ‘fading’, where braking force decreases in response to temperature overloads.
As is the case in the heavy-weight series, the preset HUB-Unit wheel bearing unit lubricated for its entire service life has been introduced. The brake discs can be replaced without dismantling the bearing unit on the front axle. This substantially reduces the cost of maintenance.
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