Philippines Tire Repair Part 2 – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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I needed to have another tire fixed. I found a slightly more modernized tire repair shop not far from home. This may satisfy some of the complainers from the first video.


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23 Replies to “Philippines Tire Repair Part 2 – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. I just had my tires changed today. I couldn't do it myself. Yeah. Korea, Philippines, Jamaica and Haiti: you sit like a king! Otherwise, in Japan, you can be satisfied to live like a Filipina, or like a Black person if you cheat.

  2. Peter… in your description of the video you said, "This may satisfy some of the complainers". You have no reason to placate any complainers if they don't like something that is their problem.

  3. Oops, that hole is too large to fix with a 'do-it-yourself' tire plug kit. Only way to fix that one is to patch it from the inside.
    Toyota Torque specs for lug nuts = 70 to 75 ft-lbs of torque.

  4. Videography was GREAT.  The topic and main idea of your videos cause one to really look at how a mundane task of tire repair gets accomplished.  BTW:  I liked Video#1 the best.  Keep up the great work on telling your story through video…..

  5. To Peter White

    My apology to you. There repair is not up to standard on western practice because I saw many mistakes. 1st I will use a mushroom tire plug, 2nd why the wheel is not being balance, 3rd why the wheel is not being inspected if it safe to be used. It compromise your road safety. I learn the trade in Perth Australia. A strict way of fixing things

  6. As long as they get the job done right, that's all that matters. We had a flat just last week, and I wondered what we would do out on the road in the Philippines (no AAA)! With a bad back and 2 bad knees, it could be a real challenge for me. BTW: loved the drone footage, as always!

  7. Again Peter well done, i have watched your house building video with interest as i purchased land (with my wife )and just started to build down at Sibonga just down from Carcar, i am still living in Australia and trip over now and then until it is finished, maybe not the best way to do it but that is the way it has to be.I recently acquired a Phantom 4 and learning to fly it , had many frights but it is reasonably safe , your editing and music is something you should be proud of you have had some editing experience before i think?

  8. Peter not much these boys cannot do with a satisfactory result, in the Philippines where the speed is quite slow they can get away with almost anything. Enjoy your clips ,this is the first time i have added a comment, well done from an Aussie. Your Drone footage and editing is above average what drone do you use and do you ever come across any areas where you cannot fly your bird.?

  9. Peter, your videos get better and better. I really like the way you do them – just good shots and commentary only when needed. Your drone shots are really well done. Thanks for sharing.

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