NTTA's Mobile Barrier Trailer in Action

As part of the North Texas Tollway Authority’s continued focus on safety, the Authority uses two portable barrier systems designed to protect maintenance workers during short-term projects, where using a semi-permanent concrete barrier is not feasible.

The NTTA began mandating use of concrete barriers for all long-term projects in 2008 during conversion of the Dallas North Tollway’s Wycliff plaza to the ZipCash system. NTTA then began searching for a way to protect employees and contractors working alongside traffic in temporary work zones.

The system offers positive protection along the full length of the work zone by incorporating a smooth steel beam with an impact cushion on the end facing oncoming traffic. The barrier is towed into place using a semi-trailer truck.
Federally required crash tests showed that the barrier can effectively redirect and absorb the impact of a 2 1/2–ton vehicle (such as a passenger vehicle or a pickup truck) going more than 60 miles per hour. The system represents the state-of-the-art in positive work zone protection while also protecting the occupants of a vehicle that impacts the barrier.

This elapsed time video shows the mobile barrier trailer during the deployment and pickup of the Road Quake temporary rumble strips. The two work zones were approximately 7 minutes long and approximately 5 minutes long, respectively.

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