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Truck Repair Shop in San Jose (408) 455-8203

Why should I choose you, and not your competitor?

Because we are a mobile service; we will come to your location instead of making you come to ours. Our mobility will allow you to save both time and money. On average a customer would have to waste at least an hour of their time, and would need at least two people in order to deliver a vehicle to, or retrieve the vehicle from a regular repair shop. Additionally, other mobile services charge a service call fee of at least $130 to $150 per hour, which we waive for our long term clients.

What types of on-site services do you provide?

• Full range of service, starting from oil change- and up to small repairs, body, welding, engine, suspension etc.
• Preventive Maintenance
• BIT Inspection
• Specializing in Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers

What is inside your mobile unit?

• 13.6 horse power compressor, which allows us to operate our air tools and perform any range of work.
• 3 reservoirs
o 50 gallons for engine oil
o 50 gallons transmission oil
o 100 gallons for waste oil
o We recycle the old oil
• Oil suction pump
• Engine hoist, Hydraulic Jack etc
• Welding Equipment

What experience and certifications do you hold?

• All mechanics have a minimum of 15 years experience on diesel trucks and heavy duty equipment
• California Brake License
• Engine Repair Certificates
• Transmission Repair Certificates
• Injection Pump Repair Certificates

How much do you charge per hour?

$120 per hour, negotiable for long term customers

Why should I pick up the phone and call you now to schedule an appointment?

Because we are running a promotional offer- buy one oil change, and we will do the second one for free, you will only have to pay for the parts. This offer is ideal for you if you have more than one vehicle that need of oil change! We will drive to you, change the oil on both vehicle, and only charge you for half of the regular labor cost.

This offer will not last long.

Call 408.455.8203 now!

We specialize int he following areas:

– truck repair
– fleet maintenance
– truck maintenance
– truck repairs
– truck repair service
– truck repair shop
– truck tire repair
– truck repair shops
– truck brake repair
– truck transmission repair
– heavy duty trucks
– fleet vehicle tracking
– truck repair services
– truck engine repair
– diesel truck repair
– semi truck repair
– fleet monitoring
– truck repair center
– truck frame repair
– mobile truck repair
– heavy truck repair
– fleet vehicle maintenance
– commercial truck repair
– heavy duty truck repair
– semi truck service
– semi truck repairs
– trucks repair
– fleet repair
– truck fleet maintenance
– lift truck repair
– bucket truck repair
– truck trailer repair
– truck and trailer repair
– vehicle fleet maintenance
– fleet maintenance service
– automotive fleet maintenance
– trucks repairs
– big truck repair
– fleet repairs
– fleet maintenance services
– fleet mechanic
– truck fleet repair
– mobile truck repairs
– international truck repair
– dump truck repair
– 24 hour truck repair
– online truck repair
– truck bed repair
– truck repair and service
– auto and truck repair
– car and truck repair
– truck and bus repairs


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