How to Tow Safely and Efficiently Like a Pro

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Towing can be quite useful for anyone who owns a vehicle. Purchasing a towing vehicle or calculating the relative towing power of your own vehicle can be quite confusing. That is why one has to choose carefully, based on your present requirements.

I want to buy one, but what do I need to know?

You only need one thing when you buy your towing vehicle: the specific requirements of what you plan to tow in the future. If you want a small towing vehicle, make sure that you would not be using this vehicle for immense loads, as the structure of smaller towing vehicles would not be able to handle loads of more than three or four tons.

I want to tow now!

Wait! Before you turn on your engine and drive away with that load on the rear of your vehicle, make sure that you've done standard "check up" before proceeding to tow:

o Make sure that the hitch ball and other components are secured well before you pull. Loose hitch balls can cause problems when you finally move.

o Using a tire gauge, measure the air pressure of all the tires of the towing vehicle. A soft tire can cause an accident when you're already moving in a freeway. If this is your first time to pull a vehicle, the general "feel" is totally different than driving and controlling just one vehicle. You will be surprised.

o Check the lights too. A towed vehicle or trailer with no lights is not only dangerous but illegal in many states. Regards regarding proper light placement when towing is rooted in the fact that vehicles behind you can crash into your vehicle, especially if you're towing at night.

o As for the load (if you are towing a trailer), make sure that the load is strapped down tight. Just imagine the problems that can result from a poorly secured load. A poorly secured load can cause accidents or physical damage to other people and to you as well. To avoid this scenario- use the proper cables and locks to make load transport much safer for everyone.

o Brakes- who needs to be told twice about brakes? Even if you are not towing, you need to make sure that your brakes are in good working condition. Make sure of this, and you would be that much more prepared to handle sudden changes in road condition and weather.

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Source by Ace Smith